Institute for Advertising Ethics, Alliance for Audited Media Partner to Educate Marketers on the Ethical Issues of Ad Fraud

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

New Module in Certified Ethical Advertising Executive Course Explains Why Media Buying Decisions Impact Individuals, Industry and Society


NEW YORK (Nov. 30, 2022) – The Institute for Advertising Ethics (IAE) and the Alliance for Audited Media (AAM) have partnered to produce the latest module to the IAE’s Certified Ethical Advertising Executive (CEAE) course – the Ethical Challenge of Ad Fraud and Transparency. The module addresses the need to educate marketers on the serious ethical issues surrounding their media buying decisions.


“Whether it’s $1 or billions of dollars, ad fraud is an ethical issue marketers must acknowledge and act against,” said Andrew Susman, COO of IAE.

“Because most of the digital media ecosystem is supported by ad dollars, ad fraud directly impacts media content, journalism, disinformation, and even democracy. This new module is an example of how IAE is dedicated to ongoing education of industry practitioners.”


IAE designed the first and only ethical certification for advertising industry practitioners, which examines how to translate ethical considerations into business decisions and provides a set of principles as reference points for decision making. AAM, a not-for-profit organization that audits omnichannel publishers, is the first partner to produce an educational module as the IAE’s certification curriculum evolves.


“For too long, ad fraud has been talked about in general terms – a broad industry statistic or an invisible issue until fraud is caught and publicized,” explained Tom Drouillard, CEO, president and managing director of AAM. “We worked with IAE to get to the core of this issue – many advertisers don’t know where a significant portion of their ad dollars are being invested nor how these billions of advertising dollars are being used. We believe in ongoing education, so advertisers are equipped to make the best media buying decisions for their companies and customers.”


This module explains what ad fraud is and how marketers can protect their ad dollars from being wasted. In turn, they can protect their reputations and do the right thing by ensuring that their advertising dollars support truth and high ethical standards in the communities they serve.


The CEAE is designed by a non-partisan body of market participants, government/legal officials, and consumer advocates. IAE and AAM’s innovative collaboration extends access to this education by offering AAM members a preferred discount on the CEAE.


About the Alliance for Audited Media

The Alliance for Audited Media powers transparency and collaboration between North America’s leading media professionals. With more than 100 years of experience in print and digital media audits, AAM is the industry’s recognized leader in cross-media verification with unparalleled expertise across brand platforms including web, mobile, email and print. Today AAM offers an avenue for media buyers and sellers to connect, forge relationships and transact with trust by delivering authentic, credible data. To learn how AAM brings trust and transparency to today’s media ecosystem, visit


About the Institute for Advertising Ethics

The IAE is the only independent body addressing the urgent and complex issues of ethical standards and practices across all aspects of advertising communications. The IAE’s mission is to support and perpetuate ethical behavior across the advertising industry.  As a Washington-based Non-Profit Educational Foundation (501c3), the IAE focuses on advertising-supported marketing and communications across media platforms and includes data usage tied to those communications. IAE teaches, certifies, and empowers industry practitioners, and protects and values the consumers touched by the industry. Registered 501c3. (EIN#85-2502690) To learn more, visit


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