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quote-markIndependent audits provide comfort for our exhibitors and their CMOs, who expect hard numbers to justify their marketing investments.

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Provide exhibitors with validated event attendance data.

The global exhibition market is expected to reach more than $32B by 2025. As competition for this investment increases, event organizers must do more to provide exhibitors with trusted event data. A certification by UFI, the global association of the exhibition industry, helps events earn recognition as adhering to industry standards for transparency and providing accurate audience data.

As an approved certifier for UFI, AAM guides you through the audit process to ensure your event meets these standards. A certification gives exhibitors greater confidence that the data you provide are accurate and meets their expectations.


How an event certification works.

While each engagement is customized depending on whether you would like your company to become an UFI Approved Event or UFI Approved International Event, the certification process includes four basic steps:

Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

AAM meets with your organization to determine the scope of your audit, what documentation is needed and explain the process and timing.



We gather data and records needed to complete the certification including interviews with subject matter experts, process demonstrations and additional evidence gathering. AAM auditors attend the event to conduct testing and make sure procedures and policies are in place and are being executed.



AAM examines the documentation and data and requests additional evidence to support the certification opinion.



We provide an event attendance audit report to support your marketing efforts, a comprehensive management report that includes recommendations for optimization, if needed, and complete and submit the Standard Audit Certificate to UFI.

Learn how to elevate your event’s credibility.

Answers to some common questions.

An UFI event certification gives your event a stamp of approval that it has a system in place that meets industry standards for collecting accurate audience data. Your company will earn recognition for its commitment to accuracy, consistency and quality to stand out from the competition.

An industry certification increases exhibitor confidence in your numbers and helps them make more informed event planning decisions knowing the data has been validated by a trusted third party.

Our team of professional auditors are experts in measurement and reporting and are managed by Certified Public Accountants. Our auditors stay current with the latest standards and best practices, including changes to the UFI guidelines.

UFI has established specific criteria for companies to become certified as an UFI Approved Event or UFI Approved International Event. The criteria for each certification varies slightly and can be found on UFI’s website.

According to UFI’s guidelines, at a minimum an event must be audited every other edition, except for events that take place once every three years or less frequently. For these events, each edition must be audited. Events that have been audited for the first time to obtain UFI Approved Event status must also have their next event audited.

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