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Verification of the accuracy of our partner venues is very important to the success of our business.

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The global digital out-of-home ad market is projected to reach nearly $58 billion by 2030. As investment in DOOH increases, so does the need for transparency and accountability. Digital out-of-home advertising companies that are committed to quality need to stand out from the growing competition.

AAM’s DOOH Certification Program recognizes DOOH ad-serving companies that adhere to industry guidelines and standards and are committed to providing advertisers with accurate data and transparency.


How the Digital Out-of-Home Certification process works.

While each engagement is customized depending on the unique needs of your system, the AAM process include four basic steps.



AAM meets with your organization to determine the scope of your review, what documentation is needed and to provide an overall explanation of the process and timing.



We gather data and records needed to complete the certification including interviews with subject matter experts, process demonstrations, testing and additional evidence gathering. During this phase, we will meet with your team via video calls to answer questions and facilitate the process.



AAM examines the documentation and requests additional evidence to support the certification opinion.



We provide you with a report that includes recommendations for optimization, if needed. Once you successfully complete the process, AAM will issue a certification seal that you can include on your website and promotional materials.

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Answers to some common audit questions.

Third-party verification increases advertiser trust in your company’s data accuracy and reporting. By becoming certified, you are demonstrating your company’s commitment to transparency and doing everything possible to provide advertisers with accurate data and a quality DOOH advertising platform. The more providers that are certified, the stronger and more transparent the industry becomes.

Certifications help trusted networks stand out to advertisers by providing proof that your systems have been vetted and reviewed by a third party. When purchasing certified systems, buyers expect your advertising system meets their expectations. Purchasing through unverified channels increases the risk of ad spend wasted on media that doesn’t deliver expected results.

Third-party certifications help quality networks like yours stand out by providing advertisers with evidence that your system is producing accurate, reliable and consistent metrics. By becoming certified, you are demonstrating your commitment to transparency, which helps build stronger relationships with your clients.

All AAM engagements are performed with consideration to industry-established standards including:

• Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Ad Campaign Measurement & Audit Guidelines
• Generally accepted industry best practices

Our team of professional auditors are experts in print and digital media measurement, systems and reporting. Our digital audit team is managed by Certified Information System Auditors (CISA)—a globally recognized certification for auditors of information technology and business systems. Ongoing training ensures our team stays current with the latest technology and industry developments, which enables us to apply established audit processes to DOOH media.

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