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AAM Board Kicks Off 2019 with Strategic Meeting

Monday, February 4, 2019

At its recent meeting in January, the AAM board of directors invited guests from several industry groups to share their goals for the upcoming year, the challenges they are facing, and the role AAM holds for their clients as the digital migration continues. Linda Thomas Brooks, president and CEO, MPA—The Association of Magazine Media, David Chavern, president and CEO, News Media Alliance, and Marc Goldberg, CEO, Trust Metrics, all gave presentations to the AAM board of directors. The information shared by these industry leaders gives valuable input for the strategic path AAM takes in the upcoming year.


AAM directors also spent time in individual committee meetings where the following actions were taken.


Magazine Media


Modifications to Opt-Out Notification Requirement for Verified Public Place Copies


The board agreed to modify opt-out notification requirement for verified public place copies as outlined in Rule F 15.1 Verified Circulation. Magazine publishers and their vendors now have two different options for meeting the opt-out notification requirement:


  1. Undergo Certification of Operating Systems – Any publisher or vendor operating on behalf of the publisher, may now agree to an AAM review and certification of the operating systems used to manage verified public place copies including protocols for additions, deletions and address changes. The certification would replace the opt-out requirement.
  2. Extend Opt-Out Notification Requirement to Two Year – Publishers and vendors who do not engage in a review and certification must still mail the opt-out notification as required by Rule F 15.1 Verified Circulation, but the timetable will be extended to every two years instead of annually.

News Media


Most Current Data to Be Highlighted in the Media Intelligence Center


AAM’s Media Intelligence Center currently highlights audit reports on the main page listing. As part of an overall restructure of the news media audit report, the board agreed to make quarterly reports the new default to highlight the most current data available in the market.


AAM continues to work closely with news media organizations and buyers to make the audit report more database-driven like the quarterly reports with broad rollout expected in 2020.


All Media Divisions


New Brand View Voice Tab Offers Additional Opportunities


AAM is also developing a new enhancement to Brand View that will allow media organizations the opportunity to feature various skills, flash briefings or podcasts they produce. The tab will include a description and images of the various offerings. Anticipated release of this new feature is Q2 of 2019.


New Directors Elected


The board also elected two new directors:


Brian Madden, senior vice president, consumer revenue and development at Hearst Magazines, representing U.S. magazines.


Sarah Trimble, vice president, digital content and publishing at Rogers Media Inc., representing Canadian periodicals.