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quote-markThrough third-party audits, buyers can differentiate quality sites, analyze traffic and clearly see the difference between audited publishers and those who are running fraudulent sites.

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Publisher audits help the media marketplace transact with trust.

In today’s media ecosystem with thousands of media options available, premium publishers need tools to stand out to media buyers. Third-party publisher audits:

  • Establish greater transparency between media buyers and sellers
  • Help premium publishers confidently present their audience to buyers
  • Help buyers identify trusted media partners

AAM-audited publishers are part of our data distribution network that hundreds of media buying agencies rely on to find verified cross-channel data from premium publishers.


An audit to match your brand’s needs.

  Digital Media

Digital Media

Verify your digital reach


AAM provides solutions to verify data for:

  • Websites
  • Digital editions
  • Subscriptions
  • Newsletters
  • Social media
  • Apps

An audit of an ad campaign that runs on digital wallboards, waiting room TVs, or interactive tablets. The audit may include location list matching, playlog analysis and in-person observations.

  Print Media

Print Media

Audit solutions for diverse products


Our print verification solutions for news, magazine and business media include:

  • Audits of paid and free subscriptions
  • Newsstand sales
  • Inserts and flyer distribution
  • Postal audits
  • Newsletters
  • Pass-along receivership

An audit of an ad campaign that runs on digital wallboards, waiting room TVs, or interactive tablets. The audit may include location list matching, playlog analysis and in-person observations.



Validate your in-person and virtual events


Our event audits provide verified registration, attendance and demographic data to include on AAM data reports.

  • AAM is an official auditor for UFI, the global association of the world’s leading tradeshow organizers.
  • A certifier for VSef, a framework that provides data standards for virtual events.
  • A member of the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE), a leading association for the global exhibition industry.

An audit of an ad campaign that runs on digital wallboards, waiting room TVs, or interactive tablets. The audit may include location list matching, playlog analysis and in-person observations.

Build trust with buyers. Ask us how.

AAM puts verified premium publisher data in front of decision makers.


AAM data is the foundation for media planning and analysis across the media ecosystem. Media buying agencies rely on our industry-leading Media Intelligence Center to find media partners and trusted data. This database includes AAM Brand View—custom, visual profiles for publishers to share their complete brand story with AAM-verified data.


AAM compiles its quarterly Magazine Media 360° and semiannual Snapshot reports to provide a complete picture of magazine media reach. AAM publishers that have successfully completed select industry compliance programs are also included in the IAB Tech Lab Compliance Registry.


AAM works with media planning and research sources to ensure verified publisher data is available where buyers seek information on media brands. Our partners include CARD Online, Cision, Gfk MRI, Kantar Media, Nielsen, ProQuest, and SRDS. AAM data is also integrated into the planning systems of media buying agencies such as NSA Media, Novus/Agenti Media and Retail Print Media.

Ask us how to get your data in front of top media buyers.


What to expect during your first audit.

While each audit is customized depending on the media type and distribution strategies, all AAM audits include these basic steps.



Each engagement begins with a conversation between you and your auditor to better understand the scope and develop an audit plan. AAM provides an overview of the process and answers any questions.



AAM gathers data and records needed to complete the audit and answers questions you might have about the process.



Auditors review the data and records and contact you with questions for clarification. Most audits are conducted digitally to minimize disruption to your daily operations. If infield testing is needed, we’ll work with you to schedule it at a convenient time.



AAM provides a summary of its findings including suggestions for improvement, if needed. Your data is distributed in the Media Intelligence Center and throughout AAM’s network to give it maximum exposure to media buying decision makers.


Answers to some common audit questions.

AAM audits and data are the cornerstone of trusting relationships between media buyers and sellers. The audit provides credibility to publishers selling advertising and gives buyers confidence that their ads are delivered as promised. AAM’s detailed reports and database offer transparency into publishers' advertising strategies so buyers can better target their audiences. Additionally, AAM’s vast data network ensures your media company’s information is easily available to buyers as they develop their media plans.

AAM can verify most distribution channels that publishers use to distribute content and sell advertising. This includes websites, social media, video, events, newsletters and different types of print media. For news media, we audit inserts and flyers, coupon distribution, readership studies and affiliated publications. For business media, our services include pass-along receivership studies. All audited data is available in unique, sharable Brand View profiles in AAM’s Media Intelligence Center.

AAM’s team works closely with you to customize the process based on the product or channel being verified. Generally, we request basic documents such as subscriber files, billing registers, postal records or access to website analytics.

All AAM clients receive unlimited access to the Media Intelligence Center, an industry-leading database that houses data for all AAM publishers. The Media Intelligence Center provides access to your own data and offers opportunities for you to conduct market analysis.

AAM has a unique place in the media ecosystem bridging publishers, buyers and industry associations. Our standards, reports, data and guidelines are all established by media and advertising professionals who volunteer their time to ensure AAM offers audits and data at a high level of assurance that reflect current marketplace demands.

Providing third-party verified data helps establish greater trust and transparency between you and your partners. Media buyers actively seek verified publishers through AAM’s Media Intelligence Center because they can depend on this data to make informed media investment decisions.

The cost varies depending on the products being audited and the scope. AAM is happy to provide a customized quote for your organization.

The length of an audit varies depending on the product or channel audited. We can provide a timeframe once our team completes the initial consultation and understands the scope.

Yes. Publications typically use this type of audit to qualify for periodical class mailing permits. Your publication does not have to be an AAM member to undergo a postal only audit. At the end of the audit, we provide a copy for you to sign, and AAM sends the audit to the USPS on your behalf. For more on postal audits, please visit our support center page or contact Danielle O’Connell, VP, client development, at 212-271-0708.

Yes, AAM audits help publishers qualify for many government aid programs including public notice revenue and the Canadian Periodical Fund. AAM can review the requirements of the program, help you qualify depending on state laws or regulations and provide a customized quote for audit services.

Contact us to learn more about the AAM process and what it means for your organization.

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