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AAM’s Media Intelligence Center is the industry source for credible, verified circulation and audience information essential to developing informed media plans and better understanding publisher markets. AAM audits guarantee the data populated throughout the Media Intelligence Center is comprehensive and trusted while the publishers and buyers on the AAM board of directors ensure the statistics reflect today’s fast-paced media environment.

Whether you need a quick circulation statistic from a magazine report, detailed ZIP code data for a news media market or brand information for several titles, AAM’s Media Intelligence Center is sure to have the information you need.

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Some of the most popular data in the Media Intelligence Center includes:


Subscriptions and Newsstand Sales

All AAM clients — news, magazine and business media — report detailed circulation data including breakouts by paid and nonpaid subscriptions and newsstand sales. Additional granular detail highlights where publications were delivered and who received the copies.


Geographic Analysis

For U.S. news media, ZIP code data is the most searched category in the Media Intelligence Center and our unique heat-mapping tool provides a visual of newspaper distribution in any market. Magazine and business media feature circulation breakouts by state or province.


Trending Information

The ability to understand a publication’s long-term performance is valuable and AAM offers more than 10 years of historical data for maximum analysis. Use our five-year trend reports for quick at-a-glance analysis or dig deeper into the data for a broader perspective.



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Preserving timely access to ZIP code data was absolutely necessary. That’s our holy grail; that’s how we make our plans and our buys. ZIP code data feeds our planning engine. Without it, we’re forced to estimate and that has negative consequences for us.

Steve Mueller, President and CEO, NSA Media

We spend over $100 million every year inserting circulars in over 1,500 newspapers every week. We have 100% confidence in the integrity of reported circulation metrics because of AAM. Without AAM, we would lose millions of ad dollars on dubious data.

Anonymous survey response, 2019 AAM client satisfaction survey

We believe that detailed reporting informs smart targeting solutions. That’s why AAM data is invaluable when analyzing media products and for geographic targeting.

Matt Spahn, CEO, planitretail

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