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The Alliance for Audited Media connects North America’s top advertisers, ad agencies, media companies and platform providers. Our members stand for trusted media analysis across all brand platforms—print, web, mobile, email and more—to make smart decisions. AAM delivers insightful, audited cross-media metrics that matter. In 2014, AAM expanded its role in the digital ecosystem, merging with ImServices Group, one of the world's most experienced providers of technology certification audits to industry standards established by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, Media Rating Council and Mobile Marketing Association. Together with ImServices, AAM delivers media assurance via its media audit verification and information services, providing solutions that empower media professionals to transact with greater trust and confidence.

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U.S. Newspapers: Create Your Standard CMR for June 2015

AAM’s quarterly filing tool is now available. File your June 2015 U.S. newspaper data and create a no-cost standard CMR to gain added visibility in AAM’s database and showcase a more complete view of your brand.
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AAM is Going Green: Access Your Statements and More via AAM’s Database

You now have full access to the Media Intelligence Center with your AAM membership. As part of this transition, we’re “going green” and making your reports and statements available to you 24/7 via the AAM database.
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AAM Launches New Webinar Training Program

Now that all AAM clients have full, unlimited access to the Media Intelligence Center, the Client Solutions team is launching a new training program to help members become more familiar with AAM’s database.
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Filing Tools Open July 1 for Periodicals, AAM U.S. Newspapers

AAM’s periodical publisher filing tool and U.S. newspaper quarterly filing and cross-media filing tools open on July 1. Access helpful video tutorials, guides and FAQs and see filing deadlines for the June-ending reporting periods.
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AAM All Access

All Access is AAM’s new client-focused program that provides more services and greater value to AAM members in a cost-controlled way. With All Access, members can take advantage of the Media Intelligence Center’s full offerings ─ including its Analyzer tools ─ at no additional cost.  More>

Q1 2015 Data Now Available

U.S. newspapers now report monthly digital activity metrics and full quarterly circulation data to AAM ─ including in-depth ZIP code analyses ─ satisfying advertiser demand for more credible and frequent data for newspaper brands. See fresh data for more than 1,250 AAM titles now. More>


Newspaper Brand Reporting

U.S. newspapers are now committed to reporting monthly cross-media metrics and quarterly circulation data to AAM, satisfying advertiser desire for more credible and frequent data for newspaper brands.

Check out the newspaper brand reporting resources section for video tutorials, FAQs, detailed filing guides and more.

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The Media Intelligence Center, Publisher Filing Center are Down


The Media Intelligence
Center is currently undergoing system maintenance. Thank you for your patience. We will let you know when you can resume your data analyses.