Technology Provider Audits

With an independent AAM audit, you can help your ad delivery and measurement systems stand out with a third-party stamp of approval. 

Technology Provider Audits

Credibility from the inside out.

Whether your organization is a demand side platform, supply side platform, ad network, exchange or tech company that serves the advertising industry, it’s critical to show your clients and partners that your ad delivery and measurement systems are up to industry standards and verified by a third party.

Our team of expert auditors works with several standard-setting organizations and has the know-how to make sure your systems comply. And as a not-for-profit organization, you can count on an audit that’s accurate and cost-efficient.


AAM audits to industry standards.

AAM audits are performed with consideration to industry-established standards from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, Media Rating Council, Mobile Marketing Association, Trustworthy Accountability Group and generally accepted industry best practices.

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Audits to meet your unique needs.

AAM provides independent audits to help your organization stand out with a third-party stamp of approval.

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Platform Certifications

A platform certification is an independent audit of an ad delivery and measurement system, which allows organizations to demonstrate that their measurement system produces accurate, reliable and consistent metrics.

The audit examines your policies, procedures and underlying controls to ensure that your system produces measurements that comply with applicable industry guidelines, no matter which device—desktop, mobile, connected TV—is being used. Once your certification is complete, you can market yourself as an AAM-certified and trusted platform that meets industry standards and helps digital advertising run more efficiently, transparently and safely.

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Independent Validations for TAG Certifications

As a designated auditor for the Trustworthy Accountability Group, AAM provides independent validations for TAG’s certification programs: Certified Against Fraud, Certified Against Malware and the Brand Safety Certified Program.

AAM will work with your team to explain the guidelines and requirements for each TAG certification program, ensure that you are completing quarterly internal audits and have proper system documentation and controls in place. AAM helps you through the process and provides independent validation directly to TAG on your behalf.

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Media Rating Council Pre-Audit Assessment

If you're planning to go through a Media Rating Council accreditation for the first time, MRC’s required first step is a pre-audit assessment, a process that helps get your company’s documentation and records in order before the full accreditation process.

As one of the MRC's designated third-party auditors for pre-audit assessment engagements, AAM has the expertise to explain the accreditation process every step of the way and give you the tools to make your audit go smoothly.

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If you’re unsure how your business needs fit into a particular industry certification program, we can help talk through your options. While this service is offered at no charge, you may find that we can help in other ways, which we are happy to discuss.


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