Ask us how we can meet your technology audit needs

Answers to some common audit questions.

Each audit starts with a pre-audit assessment where our team scopes the project, gets to know your system and provides a gap analysis for what might need to be addressed for a successful audit. The next phase is the audit itself where auditors perform several checks, make sure that system level documentation is accurate and current, and perform testing and analyses to ensure your system is working as documented. When the audit is complete, AAM issues an audit opinion letter as documentation that the audit was performed. After the initial audit, we transition to a continuous audit where we continue to review key analytics monthly and test controls periodically to provide ongoing third-party assurance.

As each audit is unique, timing depends on the complexity of the project. Each project begins with a pre-audit assessment that sets the stage for the initial audit, including a timeline. Most initial audits take several months to complete. An independent validation for TAG is typically a shorter timeline and can be completed within four to six weeks.

All AAM audits are performed with consideration to generally accepted industry best practices and industry-established standards published by:

  • Interactive Advertising Bureau
  • Media Rating Council
  • Mobile Marketing Association
  • Trustworthy Accountability Group

Our team of professional auditors are experts in print and digital media measurement and reporting systems. Our audit team is managed by Certified Information System Auditors (CISA) — a globally recognized certification for auditors of information technology and business systems. Ongoing training and participating in industry working groups from the IAB, MRC and TAG ensures our team stays current with the latest technology and industry developments.