Pre-Audit Assessments

Save time, money and manpower with an AAM pre-audit assessment for MRC accreditation.

Many technology companies choose to undergo an accreditation audit from the Media Rating Council (MRC) to gain recognition for their brand and address advertiser concerns such as invalid traffic, viewability and ad fraud up front.

If you're planning to go through an MRC accreditation for the first time, the process can seem daunting. The MRC’s required first step is a pre-accreditation assessment, a process that is intended to get your company records and data up to speed before the full accreditation process. As one of the MRC's designated third-party auditors for pre-assessment engagements, AAM has the expertise to explain the accreditation process every step of the way and save you time and money.

Whether you decide to undergo the required pre-audit assessment or participate in AAM's full discovery audit, we'll give you the tools to make your audit go smoother and serve as one point of contact between the MRC and its auditors. 

For questions regarding the MRC’s pre-audit process and requirements, you may contact the MRC directly.

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