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AAM helps technology providers show their commitment to transparency and take excellence to the next level. We review companies’ systems and technologies so they can become certified to industry standards set by groups such as the Interactive Advertising Bureau and Media Rating Council. These audits help address key issues such as media measurement, invalid traffic, online piracy and inventory quality.

Some of our featured clients are below.

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Clients Certified to IAB Standards

CDK GlobalAAM has been an excellent partner for us from the very start. The yearly certification process has been our guide to how well we’re doing as an ad serving company by both certifying our product and by giving us recommendations that are aimed at making us better for the next time around. Certification both helps guide the standards by which you develop and measure your own product and allows you to tell customers with confidence that you are excelling at what you do! For us, it’s a confidence builder for our customers and partners, and is a clear marketing tool we can use to set ourselves apart from other competitors.

Aaron Fineshriber, Product Manager, CDK Global, LLC 


Texture by next issueTransparency is especially important when promising the delivery of audiences to advertisers. To support these promises, it is important to have a third party confirm that your platform is capable of what it claims and to ensure that the data it generates is accurate.

Jon Loughlin, CEO, Next Issue Media, LLC (Texture)

View the full Q&A and check out AAM’s latest news release about the Texture certification.


MRC Pre-Audit Assessment Clients

MedialetsI had a great experience [with the MRC accreditation] because I had the Alliance for Audited Media every step of the way. We avoided mistakes and pitfalls. We gained invaluable insights into processes and how to do it right, and faster and better. We got approved in nine months—I think that’s the fastest any tech company has been accredited, by far. It’s changed everybody’s perceptions of us. It changed us from being seen as a venture capital start-up to an industry leader. We had an immediate surge in new business.

Richy Glassberg, CEO, Medialet

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