Online Piracy

Demonstrate your commitment to combating online piracy with AAM and TAG.

Ad piracy is a real threat in today’s media environment. As a company that recognizes the damage online piracy can do to brands, you built a proprietary technology that works to combat the illegal activity that harms advertising campaigns. Show the industry that you’re doing the right things to protect advertisers’ investments with an industry-recognized stamp of approval.

The Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) created a “Certified Against Piracy” program to help advertisers and ad agencies identify the technology providers they can trust to weed out bad actors. Under this program, TAG created “Digital Advertising Assurance Provider” or DAAP validations, a new certification to recognize companies that combat online piracy.

With a DAAP validation, you’ll gain the attention of leading media buyers such as GroupM, which has pledged to use media partners and vendors that are TAG certified.

To become a validated DAAP, TAG requires your company to undergo a certification process with a third-party auditor. As an official third-party validator for TAG’s DAAP certification program, AAM can help your company meet TAG’s rigorous criteria and become recognized by TAG as a Digital Advertising Assurance Provider. We can also support your company in marketing its new status as a DAAP.

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