Digital Media Measurement

Achieve a market advantage with an AAM measurement certification.

Media buyers and publishers rely on your technology platform to help them accurately measure the success of their digital ad campaigns. When your partners ask tough questions about your digital metrics, how do you assure them that their dollars and brands are being delivered as expected in an ecosystem challenged with issues like invalid traffic and viewability?   

Bring more confidence to your answers with an independent media measurement certification audit from AAM. Whether you’re a DSP, SSP, DMP or an ad exchange, a measurement certification can help you build a level of transparency between you and your media partners that’s guaranteed to earn credibility and an instant market advantage for your platform.

An AAM measurement certification uses industry standards and guidelines set by the Interactive Advertising Bureau to verify the systems and processes that measure:

  • Ad impressions
  • Viewable ad impressions
  • Click measurements

As part of the digital measurement certification process, AAM will also verify that your technology meets the criteria of the Media Rating Council’s Invalid Traffic Detection and Filtration Guidelines.

Tout the trustworthiness of your platform with a stamp of approval that’s recognized by the IAB, MRC, Mobile Marketing Association, Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) and thousands of leading media buyers. 

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