Show your audience metrics that matter.

While print distribution is an important chapter in news media brand stories, U.S. newspapers have the option to add print and online readership data to illustrate their audience and reach with AAM's audience summary profiles.   

AAM’s readership program offers news media companies an audience summary that is:

  • Complete: provide advertisers with AAM-verified readership and demographic data that reflects your newspapers’ reach and readers. Readership complements circulation by capturing a more comprehensive view of your audience.
  • Visible: audience summary data is populated throughout the Media Intelligence Center, including Brand View, the Newspaper Analyzer, and audit reports to ensure your newspaper readership data is readily available to thousands of media buyers.
  • Trusted: AAM verifies the research studies before, during and after fieldwork to ensure compliance with industry-developed standards.

Example of Brand View audience tab

Depending on the size of your newspaper, AAM will work with you to determine the research vendor — Nielsen Scarborough or any of the many custom research firms AAM has worked with in the past — to use, verify and report your audience data.  

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