Coupon Verification

Stand out to advertisers by helping eliminate coupon fraud.

Our Coupon Distribution Verification helps news media companies prove that they are the best, most reliable way to distribute coupons to consumers. Major newspaper coupon suppliers, redemption centers and manufacturers support this program because it helps them invest in the newspapers that follow industry-established coupon guidelines.

Coupon verification offers newspapers, media buyers and manufacturers:

  • Confidence: the program helps newspapers follow best practices for storing and disposing copies that contain coupons.
  • Measurability: verification gives newspapers, coupon manufacturers and suppliers a benchmark to measure the effectiveness of newspapers’ security procedures.
  • Security: guidelines encourage newspapers to invest in safety measures such as shredders, secure storage areas, security systems and personnel to monitor returns for coupons.
  • Visibility: newspapers in this program are included in regular audit reports distributed to media buyers and may include their coupon verification in their Brand View profiles.

Coupon verification is performed during a newspaper’s regular audit, which makes it easy to add to your audit plan. 

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