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Learn about our analytics, ad blocking and other digital verification solutions.

Verify the quality of your site traffic and gain visibility for your premium multichannel publishing brand with AAM’s suite of digital verification solutions.

AAM Site Certifier

Use AAM Site Certifier to ensure the quality of your site traffic. This seamless process automatically verifies your website analytics—particularly from Google and Adobe—and uploads them directly into AAM Brand View and AAM’s other data channels. With Site Certifier you will have web metrics that are:

  • Verified: Site Certifier's automated validation process gives you verified metrics in near real time.
  • Valid: Get an extra boost of confidence in your website traffic numbers by selling with key Google and Adobe website metrics that have been fully verified by AAM. 
  • Visible: Instantly get your data in front of thousands of top advertisers and ad agencies.

AAM Ad Block Gauge

Get an even closer look at the behavior on your website with AAM Ad Block Gauge, a feature that is conveniently packaged with AAM’s Site Certifier technology. With Ad Block Gauge, you will gain ad blocking intelligence from a trusted, unbiased third party so you can begin understanding your ad blocking exposure and begin developing strategies that address advertiser and consumer expectations.

Cross-Media Audits

Your premium brand reaches consumers across devices and channels. Capture buyer interest for your company’s broad portfolio of advertising options with a cross-media audit from AAM.  AAM can verify the analytics from your:

  • Apps
  • Social media
  • Newsletters
  • Websites

Once AAM has verified your web metrics, they are distributed to AAM’s highly-trafficked Media Intelligence Center database and Brand View interface to help you market and monetize your total publishing brand.  

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