Solutions for Magazine Media

Get your verified data in front of top media buyers.

Whether you distribute content via print, digital editions, social media, websites, apps, newsletters or events, AAM works with magazine media publishers to first verify distribution and then help promote your data to potential buyers.

As an AAM client, you’ll receive credible, comparable data that your sales teams can take to market with confidence. All consumer magazines get AAM Brand View, an online interface that ties together all of your publishing channels in a single trusted place that’s visible to thousands of media buyers.

Brand View profiles of AAM magazine clients

We’ll work with you to determine the best package to provide you with:

  • Flexibility: you choose which channels to verify and how to design your Brand View profile with videos, graphics and more.
  • Marketing tools: use an audit to promote your business. Share your Brand View profile link in client emails, presentations and online media kits.
  • Visibility: AAM’s data distribution network, including the Media Intelligence Center and direct data feeds, helps get your magazine numbers out in front of media buyers 24/7.
  • Accountability: whether your magazine circulation is paid or controlled, an audit is simply the best way for advertisers and agencies to objectively evaluate magazine media. 
  • Confidence: use verified information to empower your ad sales team and instill confidence with your media partners. 


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