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Provide your advertising partners with data they can trust.

Healthcare marketers are increasingly educating patients in waiting and exam rooms, and point-of-care media companies are providing solutions to help them reach their target audiences in these spaces. Like any media partnership, advertisers want proof that their messages are delivered. An independent, third-party audit brings the highest level of transparency to this conversation.

AAM helps establish trust between point-of-care media companies and advertisers by providing cost-effective, impartial assessments of their marketing ecosystems. We perform both network and campaign-level audits of print and digital channels. We are also a preferred auditing partner recommended by the Point of Care Communication Council (PoC3).

Digital Verification Solutions

  • Waiting Room Displays
  • Interactive Tablets
  • Digital Wallboards
  • Mobile Devices/Wi-Fi


Digital audit services:

Pre-Audit Assessment: Every custom solution begins with an examination of your company’s business processes, systems and controls to help determine the overall scope and best approach to create your audit program.


Ad Delivery System Audit: An in-depth look at every facet of the digital ad delivery process including installation of hardware and software, tracking the number of locations and devices, inventory control/playlist development, proof-of-play data (impression measurement), and data processing and reporting.


Platform Certification: Verification that technology measurement systems and methods in place are certified to industry standards. Continuous monitoring ensures that the platform consistently performs at the established levels and provides ongoing verification that the results are accurate, reliable and consistent.

Print Verification Solutions

  • Literature (brochures, guides, publications)
  • Wallboards
  • Free-Standing Displays
  • Products & Merchandise


Print audit services:

Distribution Assessment: Confirmation that shipment records are in place to support distribution claims.


Receipt/Placement Assessment: Confirmation of receipt and placement of materials through internal documentation such as contracts, geo/time-stamped photographs or contacting recipients through sampling.


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