Helping Buyers Buy with Trust and Confidence

AAM audits enable marketers and media buyers to identify trustworthy media partners, make purchases with confidence and get results that meet expectations.

AAM for Media Buyers

Increase assurance, control and ROI with audited media.

When you are investing advertising dollars, audits provide foundational control over where your ads run, confidence that you are advertising with legitimate publishers, and assurance that your ads are delivered to the intended audience. Audits allow marketers to differentiate audited media from the millions of media options that carry advertising.


AAM provides data and assurance through:



Build your media plan on a foundation of certainty.

AAM independently verifies digital, print and point-of-care media and provides information about those properties to help build media plans and buys. When you join AAM, you can:

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Access publisher data.

Receive unlimited access to AAM’s Media Intelligence Center, which houses data for nearly 2,000 publishers, including individual publisher profiles and analysis tools for large datasets.

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Build your inclusion list.

For a look into AAM audited digital publishers, access AAM’s Audited Domain List to help build your inclusion list.

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Get data delivered directly to you.

AAM distributes data directly to several media buying organizations to integrate into their systems.

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Learn about using audited media.

AAM offers custom training sessions—from digital assurance to circulation 101—for teams and organizations. Attend AAM webinars and access the support center to learn how to make the most of AAM data.


How to choose and use audited media.

AAM is here to help improve your marketing ROI and business performance through increased media assurance. No matter how you prioritize and buy media, audits help make these efforts more efficient and less risky.


We’re here to help with confidential assessments of which of your publisher partners are audited today, tips on communicating your audit requirements, and complimentary demos of how to use our data. Let us know how we can help.