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Learn more about AAM circulation categories.

Peruse our library of guides to learn more about AAM’s circulation categories. Here you can see the rules and guidelines for and examples of AAM categories across each media type. 

Ensure your promotional programs generate paid subscriptions or single-copy circulation.
Identify and define acceptable sources for qualified nonpaid circulation.
Ensure your digital editions comply with AAM rules and guidelines.
Employee copies must meet certain requirements to be classified as paid group circulation.
Ensure your hotel copies qualify as paid circulation.
Ensure your individual subscription promotions qualify as paid circulation.
Discover the reporting requirements for education, public access and employee copies.
Confirm your single-copy promotions qualify as paid on AAM documents.
How altering your magazine's frequency may impact the reporting of subscription circulation.
A guide to qualifying digital circulation.
Qualifying copies distributed for free at trade shows or retail locations.
Ensure your magazine's promotional programs generate paid circulation.
Definitions and Frequently Asked Questions.
Ensuring transferred circulation counts as paid.
Clarifying the use of public place and individual use circulation on AAM reports.
Determining your business publication's "total projected audience."
Tips to improve the results of your online study.
Guidelines for reporting expanded data.
Find out if your hotel distribution or employer purchased copies qualify as paid circulation.
Replica and nonreplica digital single issues are eligible as AAM circulation units if they are restricted-access and comply with AAM rules.
Follow this guide to insure your digital subscriptions are eligible as AAM circulation units.
Review this guide to be sure your joint distribution counts as paid circulation.
Find out how your newspaper's nonpaid copies may qualify as verified public access - home delivery.
How your opt-in newspaper subscriptions may qualify as qualified home delivery - requested.
Find out how your sampling program may count as qualified home delivery - targeted.


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