Periodical Analyzer

Use AAM-verified data to support your media analysis.

Tap into circulation data and geographic detail for nearly 700 of North America’s leading magazine, business and farm publications with the Periodical Analyzer, a powerful analysis tool that is available at no additional cost to all AAM clients. The Analyzer searches the depths of the Media Intelligence Center to pinpoint just the metrics you need for your media analysis.

consumer magazine, b2b and farm publication media data analysis

Easy-to-Use Reports

With the Analyzer, you can choose from custom reports to access AAM-verified metrics including publishers’:

  • Circulation
  • Issue-by-issue trends
  • Subscription data
  • Geographic analyses
  • Market-level detail

Each report has features within the Media Intelligence Center framework that you can use to customize and easily target the data you need to:

  • Research publications and verify claims
  • Monitor competition
  • Build media plans, presentations and proposals
  • Conduct market analysis
  • Define market penetration

Once you’re satisfied with your report, download it into your preferred format such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Adobe PDFs or CSV, PowerPoint or Word files. View a sample report.


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