Magazine Media 360°

Use industry-sourced data to understand magazine media reach.

Gain a comprehensive view of magazine media brands with AAM’s Magazine Media 360° report. This industry report measures magazine audiences across multiple platforms and formats—print and digital editions, desktop and mobile websites, and video—to provide a 360° picture of magazine media reach.

The more data we have to help evaluate a magazine brand, the better. AAM hosting the data provides us with a one-stop shop to get a full dataset from an independent, trusted source.

Brenda White, Executive Vice President, Group Director, Starcom

Magazine Media 360° is compiled monthly and released quarterly featuring data from leading third-party vendors including Gfk MRI, Ipsos and ComScore. The report includes individual channel data for nearly 100 U.S. magazine media brands as well as aggregated audience and year-over-year comparisons for an all-encompassing look at today’s diverse magazine brands.


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