Viewable Ad Impressions: How Much is Enough? [SlideShare]

Paying for viewable ad impressions means different things to different sides of the industry. Our new SlideShare shares how some industry leaders think buyers and sellers can work together to bring clarity to the topic of viewability.
Elise Baer, Interactive Communications Manager
March 2, 2017

Five years ago the term “viewability” started to take root in the digital advertising world. Media buyers began questioning whether their ads were being seen by humans. Flash forward to 2013. The topic of viewability dominated headlines and stirred discussions on all sides of the industry about the possibility of transacting on a new currency—viewable ad impressions.

Now, while the industry has made significant strides in defining a viewable ad impression, the question of whether it is a viable form of currency is still up for debate.

As part of our Guide to Media Transparency, we’re taking a look the expectations around viewability and how leaders from the industry think buyers and sellers can work together to come to start transacting on viewable ad impressions.

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