Magazines: Increase Your Visibility with Media Buyers with One Simple Step

AAM Brand View offers magazines a free way to improve their brand profile in the Media Intelligence Center.
George Bartman, Vice President, Sales
July 7, 2017

Media buyers account for one third of users in AAM’s Media Intelligence Center. Out of more than 3,200 active users, agencies like GroupM, Starcom Worldwide, OMD and Havas Media rank among the top users of magazine data.

When these buyers visit AAM’s Media Intelligence Center, here is what they currently see:

Rider Magazine - old profile

And here is what they could see if you activated your free Brand View profile like Rider magazine:

Rider Magazine - Brand View profile

With their new Brand View profile, Rider has received more than 450 user interactions since March. Start increasing your visibility today by activating your Brand View profile. Watch our video and download our quick-start guide to walk you through the process. If you’d like help creating a profile, please contact me or Danielle O’Connell at 212-867-8992.