Confronting Ad Fraud in Digital Media: 5 Shareable Truths

Highlighting some of the most memorable quotes from industry experts on media transparency.
Kammi Altig, Communications Manager
December 20, 2016

Our Guide to Media Transparency is an ongoing series highlighting the challenges facing digital media. Through a variety of white papers, industry interviews and infographics, we’ve discussed topics including ad fraud, programmatic buying, viewability, ad blocking and more.

We understand not everyone has time to dig deep into the series so we’ve pulled some of the most relevant buyer and seller quotes on each topic to give you insight into the commentary offered by our industry experts.


Fraud is a critical issue because it is costing marketers billions of dollars. Companies should employ better controls to ensure that they’re taking all of the steps to protect themselves from it. The low-hanging fruit is to work with certified companies and know who you’re dealing with. Marketers need to demand more accountability to be on par with what they require in traditional media.

Steve Guenther, AAM


One thing we have learned is that there is always room for improvement. New technologies can be refined to address issues that arise.

Sean Holzman, Bonnier


Right now, it’s a “buyer beware” environment and every advertiser needs to ensure safety on its own dime. That shouldn’t be the case. Ensuring the safety of digital investments shouldn’t be an advantage for large advertisers only. Whether you’re spending $1,000 or $10 million in digital, you should have complete trust that you’re buying impressions that are human and viewable. We can work together with organizations like ANA, AAM, and TAG to make sure there are industry standards that are followed.

Jeff Holecko, Kimberly-Clark


I would never be comfortable saying to a client, ‘We can guarantee you that fraud and piracy are not going to occur.’ I’d say something like, ‘I can tell you that we're very vigilant and that if we learn something, you'll be the first to know.’ That's all we can do, is be brave enough to tell the truth when we learn the truth.

Ted Boyd, Brandworks Advertising


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