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Client Name Client Number City State Country
Daily Hampshire Gazette (CNA) 01-2055-0 Northamptan Massachusetts US
Daily Herald (CDVS) 01-1017-0 Arlington Heights Illinois US
Daily Herald 51-0063-4 Columbia Tennessee US
Daily Herald 01-4725-0 Provo Utah US
Daily Herald, Sunday Herald 01-4875-0 Everett Washington US
Daily Inter Lake 51-0031-9 Kalispell Montana US
Daily Item (CNA) 01-4200-0 Sunbury Pennsylvania US
Daily Jeffersonian 51-0054-4 Cambridge Ohio US
Daily Journal (CNA, CDVS) 01-2825-0 Vineland New Jersey US
Daily Journal 51-0014-1 Kankakee Illinois US
Daily Local News (CNA, CDVS) 01-4240-0 West Chester Pennsylvania US
Daily Mining Gazette (CNA) 01-2175-0 Houghton Michigan US
Daily Mountain Eagle 01-0037-0 Jasper Alabama US
Daily News (CDVS, IVS) 01-3050-0 New York New York US
Daily News (CNA) 01-2180-0 Iron Mountain Michigan US
Daily News (CNA) 01-4880-0 Longview Washington US
Daily News (CNA) 01-2045-0 Newburyport Massachusetts US
Daily News Journal (CNA) 01-4443-0 Murfreesboro Tennessee US
Daily News 51-0051-6 Jacksonville North Carolina US
Daily News-Record 01-4785-0 Harrisonburg Virginia US
Daily Nonpareil 51-0016-7 Council Bluffs Iowa US
Daily Oakland Press, Sunday Oakland Press 01-2250-0 Pontiac Michigan US
Daily Press (CNA) 01-2140-0 Escanaba Michigan US
Daily Press (IVS) 01-4805-0 Newport News Virginia US
Daily Press 51-0004-3 Victorville California US
Daily Progress (CDVS) 01-4760-0 Charlottesville Virginia US
Daily Record (CNA) 01-2765-0 Morristown New Jersey US
Daily Record (CNA) 01-3715-0 Wooster Ohio US
Daily Republic 51-0002-7 Fairfield California US
Daily Sentinel 01-0585-0 Grand Junction Colorado US
Daily Sentinel 51-0064-0 Nacogdoches Texas US
Daily Star 01-3090-0 Oneonta New York US
Daily Telegram (CNA) 01-2095-0 Adrian Michigan US
Daily Times (CNA) 01-2855-0 Farmington New Mexico US
Daily Times (CNA) 01-1910-0 Salisbury Maryland US
Daily Tribune (CNA) 01-5140-0 Wisconsin Rapids Wisconsin US
Daily Tribune-News (CNA) 01-0918-0 Cartersville Georgia US
Daily World (CNA) 02-0713-0 Opelousas Louisiana US
Daily World 51-0067-2 Aberdeen Washington US
Dairy Farmers of Canada Montreal Quebec Canada
Dairy Herd Management 05-0010-2 Philadelphia Pennsylvania US
Dairy Today 05-0040-0 Philadelphia Pennsylvania US
Dallas Business Journal 06-0408-3 Dallas Texas US
Dallas Morning News (CDVS, IVS) 01-4505-0 Dallas Texas US
Dallas Observer 04-0235-3 Dallas Texas US
Dan's Papers 04-0234-2 Southampton New York US
Danone Boucherville Quebec Canada
Danvers Herald 02-0739-0 Danvers Massachusetts US
Danville Register & Bee (CNA, CDVS) 01-4775-0 Danville Virginia US
Darien News (Affiliated publication of the Advocate) Darien Connecticut US