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Client Name Client Number City Statesort descending Country
Gazette (CDVS) 01-0560-0 Colorado Springs Colorado US
Group M - Mindshare 14-5450-0 Denver Colorado US
Denver Post, Sunday Denver Post (CDVS) 01-0565-0 Denver Colorado US
FTI Consulting 10-0163-3 Denver Colorado US
Coloradoan (CNA) 01-0580-0 Fort Collins Colorado US
Daily Sentinel 01-0585-0 Grand Junction Colorado US
Pueblo Chieftain, Sunday Chieftain, Star-Journal 01-0600-0 Pueblo Colorado US
USA Hockey Magazine 04-0016-6 Colorado Springs Colorado US
Backpacker 04-0106-0 Boulder Colorado US
Denver Business Journal 06-1139-5 Denver Colorado US
Clean Eating 04-1429-5 Boulder Colorado US
Furniture Row 11-1027-0 Denver Colorado US
Insurance Business America 06-0659-7 Centennial Colorado US
M2 Media Group 10-0358-0 Stamford Connecticut US
Westport News (Affiliated publication of The Connecticut Post) Westport Connecticut US
Vallassis Direct Mail Inc. 10-0007-0 Windsor Connecticut US
Edible 04-0265-8 New Canaan Connecticut US
Cronin & Company, LLC 14-1375-3 Glastonbury Connecticut US
Makiaris Media Services 14-3600-0 Middletown Connecticut US
Guideposts 04-0393-0 Danbury Connecticut US
Mascola Group 14-3785-0 New Haven Connecticut US
Mediabids 14-3910-2 Winsted Connecticut US
Lakeville Journal 51-0006-1 Lakeville Connecticut US
Mediaspace Solutions 14-3930-0 Norwalk Connecticut US
Synapse Group, Inc. 10-0403-0 Stamford Connecticut US
Millerton News 51-0006-3 Lakeville Connecticut US
Black Diamond Capital 10-0053-6 Greenwich Connecticut US
Mediassociates, Inc. 14-3910-0 Danbury Connecticut US
Winsted Journal 51-0006-2 Lakeville Connecticut US
TurboMachinery 06-1314-6 Norwalk Connecticut US
Town Times 51-0005-3 Southbury Connecticut US
Xerox Corporation 11-2945-0 Stamford Connecticut US
Voices 51-0005-1 Southbury Connecticut US
Mark Facey & Company 10-0150-5 Bristol Connecticut US
Cotiviti USA, LLC 10-0112-5 Wilton Connecticut US
Adams & Knight 14-0080-1 Avon Connecticut US
Fine Cooking 04-0325-6 Newtown Connecticut US
Bristol Press (CNA) 01-0625-0 Bristol Connecticut US
Connecticut Post 01-0620-0 Fairfield County Connecticut US
Hartford Courant (CDVS, IVS) 01-0645-0 Hartford Connecticut US
Journal Inquirer 01-0687-0 Manchester Connecticut US
Middletown Press (Affiliated publication of New Haven Register) Middletown Connecticut US
Herald, Herald Press (CNA) 01-0670-0 New Britain Connecticut US
New Haven Register (CDVS) 01-0675-1 New Haven Connecticut US
Day 01-0680-0 New London Connecticut US
James B. Kobak & Company 10-0256-5 Darien Connecticut US
Hour, Sunday Hour (CNA) 01-0685-0 Norwalk Connecticut US
Bulletin (CNA) 01-0686-0 Norwich Connecticut US
Republican-American, Sunday Republican 01-0690-0 Waterbury Connecticut US
Darien News (Affiliated publication of the Advocate) Darien Connecticut US