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Client Name Client Number City State Countrysort descending
Brazosport Facts 51-0065-3 Clute Texas US
Issaquah/Sammamish Reporter 51-0068-8 Bellevue Washington US
Brunswick Sun 02-1732-0 Cleveland Ohio US
Blackstone Group 11-0341-1 New York New York US
Mascola Group 14-3785-0 New Haven Connecticut US
Naples Daily News 01-0812-0 Naples Florida US
Coshocton Tribune (CNA) 01-3505-0 Coshocton Ohio US
Teen Vogue 04-1189-9 New York New York US
DVM360 06-0425-5 Lenexa Kansas US
Bajo El Sol 51-0001-7 Yuma Arizona US
Sun (CDVS, IVS) 01-1880-0 Baltimore Maryland US
Stafford Star Weekly 02-2044-6 Fredericksburg Virginia US
Herald-Journal 01-4350-0 Spartanburg South Carolina US
Yuma Sun 51-0001-6 Yuma Arizona US
Great American Opportunities 10-0167-8 Nashville Tennessee US