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Client Name Client Number City State Country
Del Rio News-Herald 51-0065-0 Del Rio Texas US
Delaware Coast Press 51-0007-0 Bethany Beach Delaware US
Delaware County Daily Times 01-3955-0 Primos Pennsylvania US
Delaware County Metro Edition (Affiliated publication of Tribune Metro) Philadelphia Pennsylvania US
Delaware State News 51-0007-3 Dover Delaware US
Democrat & Chronicle (IVS) 01-3115-0 Rochester New York US
Dentsu Aegis Network 14-6181-0 Toronto Ontario Canada
Denver Business Journal 06-1139-5 Denver Colorado US
Denver Post, Sunday Denver Post (CDVS) 01-0565-0 Denver Colorado US
Derniere Heure 04-1443-5 Longueuil Quebec Canada
Des Moines Register (CDVS, IVS) 01-1515-0 Des Moines Iowa US
Desert Sun 01-0353-0 Palm Springs California US
Design Engineering 06-1381-9 Toronto Ontario Canada
Detroit Free Press (CDVS, IVS) 01-2130-0 Detroit Michigan US
Detroit News (CDVS, IVS) 01-2135-0 Detroit Michigan US
Devoir 01-5625-0 Montreal Quebec Canada
DeVry University 11-0775-5 Downers Grove Illinois US
Diabetes Care 04-0240-8 Alexandria Virginia US
Diabetes Forecast 04-0240-5 Alexandria Virginia US
Diabetes Self-Management 04-0238-5 Braintree Massachusetts US
Diabetes Spectrum 04-0241-0 Alexandria Virginia US
Diabetes 04-0240-7 Alexandria Virginia US
Diabetic Living 04-0119-6 Des Moines Iowa US
Diageo Canada Etobicoke Ontario Canada
Diario 10-0150-1 Brooklyn New York US
Dick's Sporting Goods 11-0785-1 Coraopolis Pennsylvania US
Dicom Marketing Services 14-1776-0 St. Louis Missouri US
Digital Photo (SMA) 04-0838-9 Los Angeles California US
Dillard's Store Services, Inc. 12-0098-0 Little Rock Arkansas US
Dillard's 12-0097-5 Little Rock Arkansas US
Dirks, Van Essen & Murray 10-0144-1 Sante Fe New Mexico US
Discount Tire Media 12-0099-5 Scottsdale Arizona US
Discover 04-0239-1 Waukesha Wisconsin US
Dispatch (CNA) 01-3300-0 Lexington North Carolina US
Dispatch/Rock Island Argus 51-0014-0 Moline Illinois US
DNR 06-0407-0 New York New York US
Dominion Post (CNA) 01-4995-0 Morgantown West Virginia US
Dothan Eagle 01-0020-0 Dothan Alabama US
Dover/Sherborn Press 02-0739-2 Dover Massachusetts US
Downers Grove Suburban Life 51-0014-5 Downers Grove Illinois US
Downtown News 10-0145-6 St. Louis Missouri US
DR Power Equipment 11-0810-5 Vergennes Vermont US
Drovers Cattle Network 05-0010-3 Philadelphia Pennsylvania US
Ducks Unlimited 04-0248-0 Memphis Tennessee US
Duke University - Sanford School of Public Policy 10-0146-1 Durham North Carolina US
Dupont Registery, A Buyers Gallery of Fine Automobiles 04-0252-0 St. Petersburg Florida US
Dustbane Products Limited 11-3308-5 Ottawa Ontario Canada
DVM360 06-0425-5 Lenexa Kansas US
Dwell 04-0252-5 San Francisco California US
Eagle (CNA) 01-4487-0 Bryan Texas US