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Client Name Client Number Citysort descending State Country
Cumberland Times-News (CNA) 01-1895-0 Cumberland Maryland US
Dallas Observer 04-0235-3 Dallas Texas US
Dallas Business Journal 06-0408-3 Dallas Texas US
Scarborough Research 10-0528-0 Dallas Texas US
Dallas Morning News (CDVS, IVS) 01-4505-0 Dallas Texas US
Richards Group 14-4750-0 Dallas Texas US
Cowboys & Indians 04-0226-3 Dallas Texas US
Mediassociates, Inc. 14-3910-0 Danbury Connecticut US
Guideposts 04-0393-0 Danbury Connecticut US
Danvers Herald 02-0739-0 Danvers Massachusetts US
Danville Register & Bee (CNA, CDVS) 01-4775-0 Danville Virginia US
James B. Kobak & Company 10-0256-5 Darien Connecticut US
Darien News (Affiliated publication of the Advocate) Darien Connecticut US
Quad-City Times 01-1510-0 Davenport Iowa US
Davis Enterprise 51-0002-4 Davis California US
HPI Health Products Inc. 11-3238-0 Dawson Creek British Columbia Canada
Dayton Business Journal 06-0408-6 Dayton Ohio US
Dayton Daily News (CDVS, IVS) 01-3510-0 Dayton Ohio US
RE:Fuel Agency 14-0084-6 Dayton New Jersey US
Daytona Beach News-Journal 01-0735-0 Daytona Beach Florida US
Press & Guide, Press & Guide Sunday 51-0025-9 Dearborn Michigan US
Decatur Daily (CNA) 01-0015-0 Decatur Alabama US
Herald & Review 01-1130-0 Decatur Illinois US
Dedham Transcript (Affiliated publication of The Patriot-Ledger) Dedham Massachusetts US
Deerfield Review (Affiliated publication of Chicago Sun-Times) Deerfield Illinois US
Daily Chronicle (CNA) 01-1140-0 Dekalb Illinois US
Del Rio News-Herald 51-0065-0 Del Rio Texas US
Denver Business Journal 06-1139-5 Denver Colorado US
Denver Post, Sunday Denver Post (CDVS) 01-0565-0 Denver Colorado US
University of Denver 10-0655-0 Denver Colorado US
Voz Bilingue 51-0004-8 Denver Colorado US
FTI Consulting 10-0163-3 Denver Colorado US
Westword 04-1354-0 Denver Colorado US
Furniture Row 11-1027-0 Denver Colorado US
Diabetic Living 04-0119-6 Des Moines Iowa US
CDS Global 10-0144-7 Des Moines Iowa US
Ser Padres Bebe 04-1096-1 Des Moines Iowa US
Traditional Home 04-0120-1 Des Moines Iowa US
Ser Padres Espera 04-1096-2 Des Moines Iowa US
Midwest Living 04-0657-8 Des Moines Iowa US
Allrecipes 04-0014-4 Des Moines Iowa US
American Baby 04-0015-0 Des Moines Iowa US
Successful Farming 05-0170-0 Des Moines Iowa US
Eating Well 04-0260-5 Des Moines Iowa US
Des Moines Register (CDVS, IVS) 01-1515-0 Des Moines Iowa US
Rachael Ray Everyday 04-0295-3 Des Moines Iowa US
Magnolia Journal 04-0589-5 Des Moines Iowa US
Parents Latina 04-0845-2 Des Moines Iowa US
Better Homes & Gardens 04-0120-0 Des Moines Iowa US
SRDS 10-0565-0 Des Plaines Illinois US