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Client Name Client Number City Statesort descending Country
Quad-City Times 01-1510-0 Davenport Iowa US
Better Homes & Gardens 04-0120-0 Des Moines Iowa US
Illinois Farmer Today 05-0011-5 Cedar Rapids Iowa US
Des Moines Register (CDVS, IVS) 01-1515-0 Des Moines Iowa US
Diabetic Living 04-0119-6 Des Moines Iowa US
Iowa Farmer Today 05-0080-5 Cedar Rapids Iowa US
Telegraph Herald 01-1520-0 Dubuque Iowa US
Messenger (CNA) 01-1525-0 Fort Dodge Iowa US
Iowa City Press-Citizen (CNA) 01-1530-0 Iowa City Iowa US
Times-Republican (CNA) 01-1540-0 Marshalltown Iowa US
Globe-Gazette, Sunday Globe (CNA) 01-1545-0 Mason City Iowa US
Muscatine Journal (CNA) 01-1550-0 Muscatine Iowa US
Missouri Farmer Today 05-0097-0 Cedar Rapids Iowa US
Courier 01-1590-0 Waterloo Iowa US
Daily Freeman-Journal (CNA) 01-1595-0 Webster City Iowa US
Allrecipes 04-0014-4 Des Moines Iowa US
Successful Farming 05-0170-0 Des Moines Iowa US
American Baby 04-0015-0 Des Moines Iowa US
Eating Well 04-0260-5 Des Moines Iowa US
Magnolia Journal 04-0589-5 Des Moines Iowa US
Idaho Statesman 01-0970-0 Boise Idaho US
Times-News (CNA) 01-1005-0 Twin Falls Idaho US
Idaho Press 51-0012-2 Nampa Idaho US
Idaho State Journal 51-0012-1 Pocatello Idaho US
Glencoe News (Affiliated publication of Chicago Sun-Times) Glencoe Illinois US
Elmhurst Suburban Life 51-0014-6 Downers Grove Illinois US
Daily Journal 51-0014-1 Kankakee Illinois US
Farm Futures 05-0048-0 St. Charles Illinois US
Food Technology 06-0508-0 Chicago Illinois US
Hallmark Data Systems 10-0169-0 Skokie Illinois US
Glenview Announcements (Affiliated publication of Chicago Sun-Times) Glenview Illinois US
Glen Ellyn Suburban Life 51-0014-8 Downers Grove Illinois US
News-Tribune 51-0016-2 LaSalle Illinois US
Farm Industry News 05-0011-2 St. Charles Illinois US
Grayslake Review (Affiliated publication of Chicago Sun-Times) Grayslake Illinois US
Lemont Suburban Life 51-0014-9 Downers Grove Illinois US
Northwestern University 10-0430-0 Evanston Illinois US
Dispatch/Rock Island Argus 51-0014-0 Moline Illinois US
DeVry University 11-0775-5 Downers Grove Illinois US
Gurnee Review (Affiliated publication of Chicago Sun-Times) Gurnee Illinois US
Berwyn Suburban Life 51-0015-0 Downers Grove Illinois US
Daily Herald (CDVS) 01-1017-0 Arlington Heights Illinois US
Times 51-0014-2 Ottawa Illinois US
Farm Progress Group 05-0050-5 St. Charles Illinois US
Shooting Times 04-1103-0 Peoria Illinois US
Highland Park News (Affiliated publication of Chicago Sun-Times) Highland Park Illinois US
Lombard Suburban Life 51-0015-1 Downers Grove Illinois US
Omeda Communications, Inc. 10-0448-3 Northbrook Illinois US
Beacon News (CDVS, Affiliated publication of Chicago Sun-Times) Aurora Illinois US
Growertalks/Green Profit 06-0536-0 West Chicago Illinois US