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Client Name Client Numbersort descending City State Country
University of Denver 10-0655-0 Denver Colorado US
University of La Verne 10-0667-5 La Verne California US
University of Kansas School of Business 10-0675-1 Lawrence Kansas US
University of Maine 10-0694-0 Orono Maine US
University of Minnesota Libraries, Twin Cities 10-0698-7 Minneapolis Minnesota US
University of Michigan 10-0699-0 Ann Arbor Michigan US
University of Missouri Libraries 10-0699-5 Columbia Missouri US
University of Montana Missoula 10-0702-0 Missoula Montana US
University of North Carolina 10-0705-0 Chapel Hill North Carolina US
Syracuse University Libraries 10-0725-5 Syracuse New York US
University of Southern California 10-0754-0 Los Angeles California US
University of Texas 10-0757-3 Austin Texas US
University of Virginia Library 10-0774-0 Charlottesville Virginia US
U.S. Suburban Press, Inc. (USSPI) 10-0778-0 Schaumburg Illinois US
Value Mags 10-0778-1 Chicago Illinois US
Utah State University/Merrill-Cazier Library 10-0778-9 Logan Utah US
Virginia Press Association, Inc. 10-0780-0 Richmond Virginia US
Washington & Lee University 10-0797-1 Lexington Virginia US
Waterman Broadcasting 10-0797-6 Fort Myers Florida US
West Virginia University Libraries 10-0820-0 Morgantown West Virginia US
Zinio Systems 10-0845-8 San Francisco California US
Association of Canadian Advertisers (ACA) 10-0849-5 Toronto Ontario Canada
Adperfect Dynamic Adv Solutions, Ltd 10-0849-6 New Westminster British Columbia Canada
CARDonline 10-0854-0 Toronto Ontario Canada
Centre for Health Science and Law (CHSL) 10-0858-5 Ottawa Ontario Canada
CISION 10-0860-5 Toronto Ontario Canada
News Media Canada 10-0861-0 Toronto Ontario Canada
Magazines Canada 10-0861-6 Toronto Ontario Canada
Cite Collegiale 10-0873-3 Ottawa Ontario Canada
LMPI 10-0874-0 Anjou Quebec Canada
Governors Lane 10-0879-2 New York New York US
Universite Laval 10-0883-0 Quebec Quebec Canada
Presse Commerce 10-0918-2 St. Laurent Quebec Canada
Vividata 10-0918-5 Toronto Ontario Canada
Ryerson University 10-0921-1 Toronto Ontario Canada
Rotman School of Management 10-0921-2 Toronto Ontario Canada
University of Alberta Library (Acquisition Division-Monographs) 10-0930-0 Edmonton Alberta Canada
AMR International 10-2019-5 London United Kingdom INT
Media Carrier GmbH 10-2077-0 Munich Germany INT
University of Melbourne 10-2095-0 Melbourne Australia INT
Universitat Pompeu Fabra 10-4600-5 Barcelona Spain INT
Advertex Communication Inc dba Macy 11-0026-4 New York New York US
Autonation, Inc. 11-0226-5 Fort Lauderdale Florida US
Blackstone Group 11-0341-1 New York New York US
Blistex Inc. 11-0343-0 Oak Brook Illinois US
Bloomingdale's 11-0356-0 New York New York US
Bradford Exchange 11-0379-0 Niles Illinois US
BrandsMart USA 11-0379-1 Fort Lauderdale Florida US
CBA Industries 11-0380-0 Paramus New Jersey US
GL Homes 11-0658-5 Sunrise Florida US