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Client Name Client Number Citysort descending State Country
Gazette 01-1490-0 Cedar Rapids Iowa US
Illinois Farmer Today 05-0011-5 Cedar Rapids Iowa US
Iowa Farmer Today 05-0080-5 Cedar Rapids Iowa US
Missouri Farmer Today 05-0097-0 Cedar Rapids Iowa US
Insurance Business America 06-0659-7 Centennial Colorado US
Public Opinion 01-3950-0 Chambersburg Pennsylvania US
Experience Life 04-0301-5 Chanhassen Minnesota US
QSR 06-1110-0 Chapel Hill North Carolina US
University of North Carolina 10-0705-0 Chapel Hill North Carolina US
FSR 06-0516-2 Chapel Hill North Carolina US
Post and Courier 01-4310-0 Charleston South Carolina US
Garden & Gun 04-0356-8 Charleston South Carolina US
Charleston Gazette-Mail 01-4955-0 Charleston West Virginia US
Charlotte Business Journal 06-0249-0 Charlotte North Carolina US
Street & Smith's SportsBusiness Journal 06-1246-2 Charlotte North Carolina US
Veranda 04-1328-5 Charlotte North Carolina US
Charlotte Observer 01-3230-0 Charlotte North Carolina US
Sun 01-0842-0 Charlotte County Florida US
Daily Progress 01-4760-0 Charlottesville Virginia US
University of Virginia Library 10-0774-0 Charlottesville Virginia US
Chattanooga Times Free Press 01-4390-0 Chattanooga Tennessee US
Chelmsford Independent 02-0737-5 Chelmsford Massachusetts US
Computer Fulfillment 10-0122-0 Chelmsford Massachusetts US
LC.GC Europe 06-0699-8 Chester United Kingdom INT
Pharmaceutical Technology Europe 06-0980-7 Chester United Kingdom INT
Media Management, Inc. 10-0321-9 Chesterfield Missouri US
KGWN TV 12-0169-5 Cheyenne Wyoming US
Sentinelle 02-3125-0 Chibougamau Quebec Canada
Publicis Group Media 14-0900-0 Chicago Illinois US
Chicago Sun-Times 01-1105-1 Chicago Illinois US
Chicago Tribune 01-1110-0 Chicago Illinois US
Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity 10-0161-8 Chicago Illinois US
rEvolution Marketing 14-0317-1 Chicago Illinois US
University of Chicago Library 10-0645-0 Chicago Illinois US
Kelly, Scott & Madison 14-3026-0 Chicago Illinois US
La Raza Newspaper 51-0013-7 Chicago Illinois US
Value Mags 10-0778-1 Chicago Illinois US
Food Technology 06-0508-0 Chicago Illinois US
ABA Journal 04-0001-2 Chicago Illinois US
Elks Magazine 04-0285-0 Chicago Illinois US
Chicago 04-0185-0 Chicago Illinois US
Citizen 04-0186-2 Chicago Illinois US
Chillicothe Gazette 01-3465-0 Chillicothe Ohio US
Champion Newspapers 51-0004-5 Chino California US
Chowchilla News 02-0060-6 Chowchilla California US
Cincinnati Business Courier 06-0358-0 Cincinnati Ohio US
Cincinnati Enquirer 01-3470-0 Cincinnati Ohio US
Empower Mediamarketing Inc 14-3927-0 Cincinnati Ohio US
Gelia-Media, Inc. 14-2226-5 Clarence New York US
Clarendon Hills Doings (Affiliated publication of Chicago Sun-Times) Clarendon Hills Illinois US