AAM Board of Directors

Meet AAM’s key stakeholders who are dedicated to media transparency.

AAM was formed by the media industry to help bring order and accountability to the state of advertising. Today AAM brings together the industry’s key stakeholders to help bring trust and transparency to the ever-changing process of media buying and selling.

AAM’s board of directors are made up of top performers from major media companies, brands and ad agencies. Together, they work with AAM’s industry advisory committees to help set universal benchmarks for media transparency and excellence that elevate the entire industry.

AAM Directors

In total, there are 30 directors who are a part of the AAM board: 16 members in the advertiser and advertising agency divisions and 14 members in the publisher division.

Board Officers

  • Chairman of the Board: Edward W. Boyd (Advertising Agency Director)
  • Vice Chairman: Phillip Crawley (Representing Canadian Clients)
  • Vice Chairman: Scott Kruse (Representing Advertising Agencies)
  • Vice Chairman: Dan Schaub (Representing Publishers)
  • Secretary: David K. Ronk II (Advertiser Director)
  • Treasurer: Rosheen O'Donovan (Publisher Director)

Advertiser Directors

Advertising Agency Directors

Publisher Directors


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