Summary of Spring/Summer 2016 Interim Board Actions

Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Alliance for Audited Media Magazine Committee held its interim meeting in April. The following are the actions that were taken during the meeting and affect certain AAM magazine publisher and buyer clients.

U.S. Magazines to Show Unique Opens for “Multi-Title Digital Programs”

Unanimous Consent – Effective December 2016

In January 2016, AAM implemented “Multi-Title Digital Programs” as a new circulation category to officially reflect the growth of “all-you-can-read” programs such as Next Issue Media’s Texture program, where consumers pay once to access multiple titles.

This decision marked the end of a three-year test period that allowed magazines participating in these programs to qualify issues served as “newsstand sales” in the new Multi-Title Digital Programs line item  if a paid subscriber purchased a subscription to the program and requested the magazine. Magazines will continue to report these paid subscribers who requested their magazine on their June 2016 statements. 

At the interim meeting in April 2016, the AAM Magazine Committee decided to require that U.S. publishers report "Multi-Title Digital" circulation based on "unique opens" instead of requests, beginning with their July 2016 issues.

Other Key Metrics for Multi-Title Digital Programs

Publishers are including the following key usage analytics on their June 2016 in the Notes section: 

  • Average number of times issues of were opened
  • Average total opens

These analytics will continue to included on publishers' December 2016 statements as well.

Please contact Teresa Perry or Jessica George for more information about these changes.