Summary of July 2017 CAC Board Actions

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Certified Audit of Circulations (CAC) board of directors met on July 19. The following are highlights of the actions that affect CAC clients. Updates to CAC’s bylaws and rules are posted here following each board meeting.

AAM’s North American board of directors met on July 19-21. Here is an update of the strategic initiatives that the AAM board discussed at its recent meeting.

Actions from the Board Meeting

All Clients Can Now Market Their Data with CAC’s Free Brand View Interface
In July, CAC and AAM opened Brand View to their newspaper clients for free to align with Q2 data filing. Since then, nearly 50 media properties have activated their Brand View profiles to start marketing their Q2 2017 print and digital data to advertisers. Brand View is the next step in the evolution of quarterly reporting and replaces CAC/AAM’s standard Consolidated Media Report. Over the last few years, CAC and AAM clients have started reporting optional metrics such as websites, apps and print publications affiliated with their brands to show a complete view of their media portfolio. Brand View gives publishers a framework to incorporate these metrics into the Media Intelligence Center.

Now when an advertiser clicks on a media listing in the database they will see the tabs that the publisher has activated in Brand View. For those publishers who do not activate their free Overview, Print and Learn More tabs, advertisers will only see PDF quarterly data reports.

Any publisher who is interested in learning more about Brand View can visit the CAC/AAM website to get in touch with a representative. CAC and AAM will continue to work on enhancements and share best practices from publishers and buyers who are successfully using the interface to discover, plan and sell their cross-channel media.

CAC Updates Bylaws and Rules
The CAC board has approved modifications that will impact several areas throughout its bylaws and rules to reflect the circulation categories and report formats associated with quarterly reporting. You can see these changes in the official bylaw and rule book on CAC/AAM’s website

Since 2012, CAC has worked to align its data into a comprehensive newspaper data set that can be easily downloaded from the Media Intelligence Center. A key piece of this transition took place in 2015 when newspapers began reporting all data on a quarterly basis. This strategic move gave publishers added visibility with advertisers, who are in turn accessing their data more frequently. These changes complete the alignment of CAC data. 


Other CAC Developments

Newly Elected Directors Join CAC board

The board recently welcomed the following elected new directors:

Jason Hegna, Revenue Director, Shaw MediaJason Hegna, Revenue Director, Shaw Media

Jason Hegna is the revenue director at Shaw Media and brings more than 20 years of media sales experience to the CAC board. Hegna started his career in publishing in 1995 for the local retail sales team at Daily Herald/Paddock Publications. During his time at the company, he progressed through the sales department, managing a major retail desk and an automotive territory. Hegna served in numerous sales management positions at the company before becoming director of the Daily Herald’s entire sales department. In 2015 he joined Shaw as group advertising director.


Mike Martoccia, Corporate Director of Digital Marketing Revenue, BH MediaMike Martoccia, Corporate Director of Digital Revenue, BH Media

Mike Martoccia is corporate digital revenue director for BH Media. He has been in the media industry for nearly 30 years, serving in several corporate digital management and regional advertising and marketing roles. As corporate digital revenue director, Martoccia is responsible for digital revenue growth and sales development across all BH Media markets. These markets include the more than 60 newspapers and affiliated websites that BH Media owns and operates, and the company’s full-service digital agency. Prior to BH Media, he was the media corporate digital revenue and sales development director for Civitas Media. Martoccia’s experience also includes a 10-year tenure at McClatchy where he oversaw the Charlotte Observer and The Herald Media Group’s digital, marketing, retail, and real estate advertising teams, and time at CNHI Media, where he served in numerous leadership roles. Additionally, he was a national sales and development trainer for the Local Media Association, and has been a speaker at more than a dozen industry conferences hosted by organizations such as Inland Press Association and News Media Alliance.