Summary of January 2017 CAC Board Actions

Monday, January 30, 2017

The Certified Audit of Circulations (CAC) board of directors met on January 19. The following are highlights of the actions that affect CAC clients. Updates to CAC’s bylaws and rules are posted here following each board meeting.

Update on 2017 Strategic Initiatives for CAC

The CAC board reviewed and supported a number of initiatives focused on bringing more transparency and confidence across the media industry. From expanding its information services to increasing assurance in new digital channels, the board supported several initiatives for CAC in 2017. 

  • Expand CAC/AAM Information Services: Over the past two years, CAC and AAM have worked to expand the users and usage of its verified data through initiatives such as opening unlimited client access to the Media Intelligence Center, expanding the partners in CAC/AAM’s data distribution network, and improving features and functionality in the Media Intelligence Center. The CAC/AAM database now has 3,200 active users, who access the data at least monthly on average.

    With usage and users at an all-time high, CAC and AAM are introducing AAM Brand View, a new interface within the Media Intelligence Center for publishers to showcase all of their verified media offerings—print, websites, apps, newsletters, events—in one dynamic, trusted, visible place. Brand View is expected to be available to all CAC newspapers this June.
  • Bring a New Type of Digital Assurance to Media: As publishers and advertisers continue to face digital issues such as inaccurate media measurement and the universal impact of ad fraud and invalid traffic, the CAC board discussed new ways to safeguard media investments and bring more assurance to digital channels.

    Together, CAC and AAM are exploring new approaches that focus on quality across publishers’ business processes, website analytics and site traffic. They are also exploring new solutions to help advertisers better understand the performance of their campaigns. Together, the publisher and advertiser offerings will increase trust and transparency in the media ecosystem. CAC will provide more information about the new services over the next few months.


Actions from the Board Meeting

CAC Updates Bylaws and Rules

Since 2012, CAC has worked to align its data into a comprehensive newspaper data set that can be easily downloaded from the Media Intelligence Center. A key piece of this transition took place in 2015 when newspapers began reporting all data on a quarterly basis. This strategic move gave publishers added visibility with advertisers, who are in turn accessing their data more frequently.


At its recent meeting the CAC board agreed to complete the alignment of CAC data, giving first passage to modifications that will impact several areas throughout its bylaws and rules to reflect the circulation categories and report formats associated with quarterly reporting. The board will revisit this topic at its meeting in July. 


CAC to Streamline the Distribution of Audited Data

In light of CAC quarterly reporting and the emphasis on getting CAC data to the marketplace more frequently, the CAC board is also working with key industry associations and media buyers to evolve how audited data is available in the Media Intelligence Center.

The board supported key components for this ongoing initiative including:

  • Reimagine CAC’s audit report into an abbreviated PDF report: The redesigned PDF report would show a publisher’s audited data and any applicable explanations found in the audit. Other audited information such as ZIP code analysis would be available in customizable reports in the Media Intelligence Center.
  • The importance of up-to-date CAC data: Quarterly newspaper claims are available to media buyers via the Newspaper Analyzer. To make comparisons easier for CAC/AAM data users, CAC and AAM are considering adding new customizable reports that compare audit and quarterly data in one concise, downloadable format. Additionally, the organizations will consider how to transition the data on the homepage of the Media Intelligence Center from audit data to quarterly data to put current newspaper information in front of data users and buyers.

The board will continue to discuss the opportunities around audited data. The board will revisit the topic and provide an update to all clients at its July meeting.


Brand View Available to All Newspapers in June 2017

As part of the continued evolution of newspaper reporting, all newspapers will be encouraged to publish Brand View profiles with Q2 2017 data. Brand View is a new interface within the Media Intelligence Center that lets publishers show all their verified offerings—print, websites, apps, newsletters, events—to media buyers.

Over the last two years, newspapers have published annual standard or enhanced Consolidated Media Reports (CMRs) to provide more information about their brands as part of the transition to quarterly reporting. Starting with the June 2017 quarter, newspapers are no longer required to create annual standard or enhanced CMRs and will instead be encouraged to create a Brand View profile. With Brand View, publishers can continue to put this information in front of media buyers in a new dynamic profile that helps them market their brand reach and share a direct link with advertisers outside of CAC and AAM.

CAC will provide more information about Brand View to all newspaper clients over the next few months. If you’re a publisher interested in creating a Brand View profile, please contact us for more information.



Stephen Barrett Elected CAC Board Treasurer, Director on AAM Board

The CAC board elected Stephen Barrett, who is director of national and regional sales at Sound Publishing and currently a CAC director, as treasurer of the board. Barrett succeeds Steve Pope, who recently retired from Arizona Local Media.

Additionally, the CAC board elected Barrett to be a director on AAM’s board of directors, a joint CAC-AAM director position that was created by the two organizations last summer. Barrett now holds one of three joint director positions on the AAM board, joining CAC directors Kathy Heatley, VP and local publishing activation director at Starcom MediaVest Group, and Barry A. Schiro, president of CBA Industries, Inc., who sit on the AAM board as well. 


CAC Elects New Vice Chairman, Welcomes Two New Directors

At its latest meeting the CAC board also:

  • Elected Dan Briley, who is group account director at Novus and currently a CAC director, as vice chairman of the board
  • Welcomed Cathy Petritz, vice president and account director at NSA Media, as a CAC director representing advertisers and advertising agencies
  • Welcomed Kurt Kopinski, vice president of client services at BlueSoho, as a CAC director representing advertisers and advertising agencies


Modification to Bylaw 3.7 to Reflect CAC Location

Over the last few years, the CAC board has implemented a series of changes to help make CAC an overall more financially efficient organization, including closing CAC’s headquarters in New Jersey and having all employees work remotely. The board recently modified Bylaw 3.7 Ownership of Copyright and Indemnification to replace CAC’s old company address with the physical address for AAM’s headquarters in Arlington Heights.