AAM Launches New Solutions to Provide Valid, Verified and Visible Metrics for Media Owners and Advertisers

Thursday, March 10, 2016

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. (March 10, 2016)—The Alliance for Audited Media is launching a suite of new products to help premium publishers showcase the reach of their brands across platforms and give media buyers easy access to independently verified information about those brands and channels.

The newly announced products are designed to help both sides transact with greater efficiency, transparency and trust.

  • AAM Brand View is a new online interface where publishers can feature key cross-media distribution and audience metrics from multiple third parties in a single trusted place, made continuously visible to thousands of media buyers via AAM’s Media Intelligence Center and data dissemination network.
  • AAM Site Certifier is a new streamlined verification tool that provides actionable insights for website and app metrics, which can be easily and prominently featured in the new Brand View reporting interface every month.
  • AAM Ad Block Gauge is the industry’s first ad blocking detection technology available from an independent, unbiased third party that helps publishers identify and understand ad blocking usage on their websites.

“AAM publishers have vibrant brands featuring premium content available across multiple devices and channels,” said Tom Drouillard, AAM CEO, president and managing director. “Because these brands are affiliated with AAM, advertisers know they deliver a premium audience and stand for accountability and transparency. We’ve developed a new suite of products to help publishers get that message out in a dynamic way that goes well beyond a static audit report, using sophisticated new tools we’ve developed in conjunction with other leading global auditors.”

AAM Brand View

AAM Brand View lets publishers feature their independently verified cross-channel data in a customized template that has the opportunity to be seen by thousands of media planners and buyers in AAM’s Media Intelligence Center.  Publishers can build custom Brand View profiles that include videos and graphics and detail reach across web and app metrics, print and digital platforms, readership, audience demographics, newsletter channels and events. Publisher ad sales teams can access their profiles from any device when meeting with clients and can even provide direct links for inclusion in client emails, presentations and online media kits.

AAM data is accessed more than five million times each year through a vast data network that includes its Media Intelligence Center, data partners such as Kantar Media SRDS, GfK MRI and CARDonline, and direct data feeds to key advertisers and agencies. Plus, AAM just announced a new partnership with the Association of National Advertisers that will help better connect leading marketers to AAM data.

The base version of Brand View is included with each publisher’s AAM client fees. It will be available to AAM’s business, newspaper and consumer magazine titles in the U.S. and Canada later this spring.

AAM Site Certifier

According to a recent study conducted by Ernst & Young on behalf of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, invalid website traffic cost the industry $4.6 billion in 2015.

AAM Site Certifier is a new way to conduct digital audits to help detect invalid traffic. It independently verifies key metrics from the two most widely used analytics companies, Adobe and Google. Site Certifier ensures that invalid and fraudulent traffic are properly filtered out and that website and app metrics are measured correctly. It then automatically publishes those metrics monthly in the Media Intelligence Center, where they can be seen by thousands of prospective advertisers.

“AAM has been a leading digital auditor for 20 years,” noted Steve Guenther, AAM’s vice president of digital auditing services. “We have evolved the process with technology to make it more efficient, more timely and easier for publishers to get metrics that are valid, verified and visible to market faster.”

AAM Site Certifier is available to publishers now. Later this spring, AAM will launch a media planning dashboard to help advertisers analyze publishing brands that have been verified using this new web verification process.

AAM Ad Block Gauge

The IAB recently published a new ad blocking primer for publishers under the acronym DEAL—detect ad blocking, explain the value exchange, ask consumers for changed behavior and lift restrictions or limit access to content accordingly.

Recognizing that the first step is detection, AAM has introduced Ad Block Gauge, the first available ad blocking detection tool from an independent, unbiased source to help publishers better understand the impact of ad blocking on their digital media properties. Its built-in ad block technology provides publishers with top-line metrics that can serve as a baseline for developing ad blocking strategies, including those the IAB outlines in DEAL.

AAM’s Ad Block Gauge is available today as a standalone service. It is also included in AAM’s new Site Certifier product.

More information about AAM’s suite of new products is available on AAM’s website.



About the Alliance for Audited Media

The Alliance for Audited Media is a nonprofit industry body founded by the Association of National Advertisers to ensure media transparency and trust. AAM provides independent verification and information services for thousands of leading publishers, advertisers, ad agencies and ad tech platforms to facilitate the planning, buying, selling and delivery of traditional and digital media. The organization is also one of the industry’s most experienced providers of technology certification audits to standards established by the Media Rating Council, Trustworthy Accountability Group, Interactive Advertising Bureau and Mobile Marketing Association. Visit AAM’s website to learn more.