AAM Board Focuses on Expansion of Digital Assurance Programs

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

At its recent meeting, the AAM board of directors reviewed several initiatives that will provide more digital assurance as well as enhance cross-media reporting opportunities by collaborating with other industry organizations.

Both efforts support AAM’s focus on offering cost-effective continuous assurance programs that enable seamless communication between buyers and sellers of traditional and digital media and are a blueprint for the organization’s 2018 objectives.


Expanded Cross-Media Reporting Opportunities

Adoption of AAM Brand View is approaching 200 business publications, newspapers and magazines participating in the cross-media interface housed in AAM’s Media Intelligence Center. Publishers with Brand View profiles are experiencing increased traffic and added exposure traffic from users outside the Media Intelligence Center. Recent usage statistics show that Brand View profiles receive nearly 40 percent of their traffic from the shareable URL. AAM is collaborating with the MPA – The Association of Magazine Media and the News Media Alliance to develop new cross-media data sharing opportunities between the organizations that will increase the footprint and penetration of publishers’ verified data in the marketplace. Additional anticipated enhancements to Brand View include a new newspaper distribution mapping tool and integration of Rapid Report for magazines.


Identifying and Rewarding Quality Publishers

As understanding of digital ad fraud continues to improve, there is a corresponding demand for solutions. Marketers are taking control of their digital media spend by whitelisting, using private marketplaces and encouraging ads.txt. While these steps contribute to the fight against ad fraud, there is an increasing need for third-party publisher audits. AAM Quality Certification ensures ads placed on legitimate sites reach human audiences. More than 100 websites have participated in the development of the AAM Quality Certification program with initial certifications to be released later this year. 


New Multi-Title Digital Reporting Option for Business and Farm Publications

The AAM board approved a new way for U.S. and Canadian business and farm publications to report circulation from unlimited-access digital programs. Copies generated from these programs will be classified as paid circulation with a qualified payment and proof of access. AAM will also report key usage metrics including average quantity of unique opens, average number of times opened and average total copies. Rules D 10.4 and 110.4 Multi-Title Digital Programs and Rules E 10.4 and 110.4 Multi-Title Digital Programs were modified. The change is effective immediately.


New Directors Elected

The board also elected three new directors:

Karen Finelli, Senior Vice President Digital & Magazine Activations, Zenithmedia, representing advertising agencies
Doug Olson, President, Meredith Magazines & GM, National Media Group, representing U.S. magazines
Monica Ray, Executive Vice President, Consumer Marketing, Condé Nast, representing U.S. magazines