AAM Board of Directors Notes Success of Brand Reporting; Plans Additional Enhancements

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Nearly 300 media brands are now participating in AAM Brand View.


At its meeting in July, the board of directors received updates on the success of AAM’s Brand View interface, which allows publishing brands to incorporate additional data and branding elements alongside circulation information in AAM’s Media Intelligence Center. Nearly 300 news media, magazine and business publication brands are participating in Brand View. Publishers who include digital and audience data in their profiles experience a 105 percent increase in activity than those with standard circulation information.

The board discussed several additional initiatives to further enhance the value of Brand View, including collaboration with the News Media Alliance for broader cross-media data sharing opportunities, similar to the successful partnership with the MPA – The Association of Magazine Media. Other enhancements include a new distribution mapping tool for news media organizations and the integration of Rapid Report for magazines.

The board made several changes to AAM’s bylaws, including:

Finalization of Merger with Certified Audit of Circulations

AAM’s merger with CAC was approved by a vote of both organization’s memberships in May. At this meeting, the board of directors approved a variety of modifications to AAM’s bylaws and rules to reflect the merger. One notable change was adding alternate delivery organizations that distribute publications or other products on behalf of a publisher to AAM’s membership categories. The change was made to Bylaw 2.2 Eligibility for Membership.

Modification of Board of Directors Composition

The board also approved a modification to Bylaw 4.2 Board of Director Representation that would allow more flexibility in the composition of buyer directors. The change stipulates that the AAM board must consist of at least six U.S. advertising agency directors, six U.S. advertiser directors, two Canadian advertiser or advertising agency directors, and an additional two U.S. directors representing either advertisers or advertising agencies.


The board also approved two modifications impacting news media organizations:

County Reporting Now Optional

The board agreed to modify Rule C 7.2 List of ZIP Codes and Towns Receiving 25 or More Copies to make reporting of county-level data optional for U.S. news media organizations. The change is effective with September 30, 2018 audits.

Audit Reports to Become Database Driven

With more frequent data now available quarterly, AAM will begin moving full audit report data into a similar digital, databased format and release audit summary statements. Clients who wish to produce a more traditional audit report will have the opportunity to do so within the Media Intelligence Center. AAM is working closely with several news media and buyer organizations to test and finalize the format and usability of the tools with anticipated rollout to all clients in 2019.

New Directors Elected

The board also elected three new directors:

  • Kathy Heatley, Vice President, Local Publishing Investment, Starcom Worldwide representing advertising agencies
  • Bonnie Kintzer, President and CEO, Trusted Media Brands, representing U.S. magazines
  • Ernest Knight, III, Media Manager, Food Lion, representing advertisers