Consolidated Media Audit Reports


AAM’s Consolidated Media Report takes independently audited data for all of your brand’s channels, combines it with graphics, charts and anything else you can imagine. The final product is an easy-to-read audited media report perfect for your media kit and sure to excite your ad sales team with its dynamic presentation. AAM also makes your data available to thousands of media professionals in the Media Intelligence Center to ensure you the highest visibility in the market.


CMR Highlights

Your media audit report will include:

Flexible: Publishers may report everything from text alerts and app metrics to Facebook fans and free publications.

Organized: It’s the one place where buyers can go to see AAM-verified data about all of your products.

Trusted: Because AAM audits all data on the report, buyers are given comparable, verified figures to incorporate in their media plans.

Marketable: Publishers are teaching their sales staff to use the CMR as a key tool in their sales pitches.

Unique: Publishers have the option to create custom CMRs and have included maps, demographics, charts, market statistics and promotional graphics.


Learn more about consolidated media audit report options for newspapers, magazines and business publications.