Digital Audit Services

AAM Site Certifier

AAM provides cross-media solutions that empower media buyers and media companies to transact with greater trust and confidence. We have a broad spectrum of digital audit services that can help you address important areas like online advertising fraud, fraudulent and nonhuman traffic, ad viewability, IAB certifications and much more.

As one of the world’s leading digital auditors, AAM focuses on the key challenges facing today’s interactive advertising industry. These include online advertising fraud, unseen ads, invalid traffic, cross-media measurement – and increasing advertiser demand for independent verification and oversight.

Whether you are an advertiser, agency, publisher or technology solutions provider, we invite you to explore how AAM is helping bring trust and transparency to online advertising. From our industry compliance certifications to our consultative services, you'll find a variety of trusted third-party options to fit your verification needs.

  • Site Certifier - A new way to conduct digital audits to help detect invalid traffic and understand ad blocking usage on your site.
  • Ad Block Gauge - Helps publishers identify and understand the usage of ad blockers on their websites so they can build more effective publishing strategies.
  • Cross-Media Audits - Learn how we can verify and house your cross-media data
  • Industry Compliance Certifications - Discover the many ways we can certify your ad serving technology to industry standards
  • Consulting - Explore services for digital ad campaign assessments, brand safety and other consulting services