Consumer Magazines

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  1. Paid & verified magazine publisher's statement shell
  2. Paid & verified magazine prototype
  3. Paid & verified digital prototype
  4. Analyzed nonpaid publisher's statement shell
  5. Analyzed nonpaid prototype
  6. Paid, verified & analyzed nonpaid magazine publisher's statement shell
  7. Paid, verified & analyzed nonpaid prototype
  8. Canadian geographical data
  9. *Digital circulation worksheet (Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet)
  10. Single copy average price worksheet
  11. Average price calculation instructions
  12. *Average price calculation worksheet (Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet)
  13. Premium worksheet
  14. International production worksheet
  15. Paragraph 9 paid magazine explanatory phrasing
  16. Paragraph 9 analyzed nonpaid magazine explanatory phrasing
  17. December 2014 consumer magazine Snapshot form
  18. December 2014 certification and contact form
  19. Prior period certification and contact form
  20. Extension request (Microsoft® Word® document)
  21. Rules reminders/format changes/board actions

Consumer Magazine Survey Forms


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