Filing Publisher's Statements

Publisher’s statements are claims made by a publication and filed with AAM. Periodical statement data is compiled and released as the Periodical Snapshot report soon after the filing deadline.

Here are upcoming publisher filing deadlines.

Ending Dates Publication Type Filing Deadlines Supplement Deadlines
September 2016 Daily Newspapers (quarterly-QDR) Oct. 15, 2016  
  Weekly/CNA Newspapers (quarterly-QDR) Oct. 20, 2016  
December 2016 Magazine/Religious Publications Jan. 31, 2017 Feb. 8, 2017
  Business/Farm Publications Feb. 8, 2017  
  Daily Newspapers (quarterly-QDR) Jan. 15, 2017  
  Weekly/CNA Newspapers (quarterly-QDR) Jan. 20, 2017  


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