Chapter C - Newspapers

ARTICLE 1 — Paid Circulation

C 1.1 Paid Circulation Defined
C 1.2 Prices

ARTICLE 2 — Circulation Reporting

C 2.1 Circulation Averages
C 2.2 National Newspapers
C 2.3 National Advertising Sold in Editions as a Unit
C 2.4 Separate Editions and Affiliated Publications
C 2.5 Circulation Above or Below Average for Other Days
C 2.6 Weekend Issues
C 2.7 Days Omitted from Averages
C 2.8 Extras
C 2.9 One-Day Figures for Supplement Statements
C 2.10 Audit Report Maps
C 2.11 Weekly Newspaper Group Audit Plan

ARTICLE 3 — Qualified Circulation

C 3.1 Employee, Correspondent and Agent Copies
C 3.2 Educational Programs
C 3.3 Other Qualified Distribution
C 3.4 Business/Traveler Copies
C 3.5 Gift Subscriptions
C 3.6 Gift Subscriptions Not Recognized as Paid Circulation

ARTICLE 4 — Time of Making Audits

C 4.1 Timing of Audit
C 4.2 Initial Audit
C 4.3 Reinstatement Audit

ARTICLE 5 — Circulation Incentives and Other Qualification Standards

C 5.1 Premium Defined
C 5.2 Premiums with Subscriptions/Single-Copy Sales
C 5.3 Combination Sales
C 5.4 Subscriptions Paid for by Contestant
C 5.5 Contests and Coupons
C 5.6 Subscriptions as Prizes
C 5.7 Subscriptions Involving Charitable Contributions
C 5.8 Subscriptions Paid for by Advertising
C 5.9 Subscriptions Purchased with Award Points
C 5.10 Subscriptions Involving Digital Editions
C 5.11 Vacation Paks
C 5.12 Single-Issue Sales of Back Copies
C 5.13 Subscription Offer Based on Acceptance Unless Declined
C 5.14 Transfers on Consolidation
C 5.15 Purchase of Subscription List
C 5.16 Transfers from One Going Newspaper to Another
C 5.17 Transfers from Suspended Publication to Others
C 5.18 Credit Subscriptions
C 5.19 In-House Credits
C 5.20 Hawker (Street) Sales

ARTICLE 6 — Other Reports

C 6.1 Consolidated Media Reports (CMR) and Quarterly Filing
C 6.2 Consolidated Media Reports (CMR), Quarterly Data Reports and Audit Reports

ARTICLE 7 — Analysis by Reporting Areas and Delivery Methods

C 7.1 Optional Geographic Reporting
C 7.2 List of ZIP Codes and Towns Receiving 25 or More Copies
C 7.3 Seasonally Occupied Households

ARTICLE 8 — Employment of AAM Auditors

ARTICLE 9 - Verified Circulation

C 9.1 Verified Circulation
C 9.2 Home Delivery
C 9.3 Public Access