Chapter B - All Publications

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ARTICLE 1 — General

B 1.1 File Copies, Subscription Promotion Offers
B 1.2 International Editions
B 1.3 Advertising Omitted
B 1.4 Congregation-Wide Subscriptions of a Religious Publication

ARTICLE 2 — Audits

B 2.1 Member Obligations
B 2.2 Audit Report Contents and Differences
B 2.3 Request Change of Auditors
B 2.4 Time of Making Audits
B 2.5 Initial Audit
B 2.6 Audit Report Submitted to Publisher
B 2.7 Costs
B 2.8 Variations from Publisher's Statements or Consolidated Media Reports/Quarterly Data Reports
B 2.9 Prices Incorrectly Reported
B 2.10 Publication of Basic Annual Price
B 2.11 Recalling Audit Report
B 2.12 Reaudit Requests
B 2.13 Reaudit Costs
B 2.14 Variation Report

ARTICLE 3 — Publisher's Statements, Consolidated Media Reports (CMR) and Quarterly Data Reports

B 3.1 Publisher's Statements, Consolidated Media Reports (CMR) and Quarterly Data Reports
B 3.2 Time Limit for Filing Publisher's Statements
B 3.3 Publisher's Data Submissions - Conform to Audit
B 3.4 Purpose and Content of General Explanatory Paragraph
B 3.5 Snapshot Reports
B 3.6 Amended Publisher's Statements
B 3.7 Publisher Circulation Accounting Methodology

ARTICLE 4 — Miscellaneous

B 4.1 Subscriptions
B 4.2 International Subscriptions
B 4.3 Dealer Accounts
B 4.4 Checking Copies
B 4.5 Net Cash Received for Subscriptions
B 4.6 Lost, Missing, Damaged, and Unsold
B 4.7 Bonuses, Allowances, and Limitations of Returns
B 4.8 Employment of AAM Auditors
B 4.9 Field Served
B 4.10 Reports Furnished to Publisher Members
B 4.11 Purchase of Reports
B 4.12 Notifications on Violations

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