Newspaper Actions

  Board Meeting
Digital Circulation Now Qualified on Daily Access Model, Total Consumer Accounts Eliminated Oct./Nov. 2014
“Affiliated Publications” Replace Branded Editions Oct./Nov. 2014
All U.S. Newspapers to File Data Quarterly July 2014
U.S. Newspaper Circulation Categories Renamed to Paid, Qualified and Verified July 2014
Test Period Approved for Digital Combination Sale Partnerships March 2014
Nonpaid Newspaper Rules Modified March 2014
AAM Reports May Now Include Nonpaid Circulation November 2013
Paid Circulation Membership Requirement Eliminated November 2013
U.S. Newspapers Outline Transition to Quarterly Filing, Consolidated Media Reports November 2013
International Editions Eligible as Branded Editions July 2013
Paid Circulation Membership Requirements Likely to Change July 2013
Five-Day Average Eliminated July 2013
AAM Reports to Include Nonpaid Circulation July 2013
Quarterly Filing of Circulation and ZIP Data July 2013
Analysis of Home Delivery by Price Eliminated July 2013
120-Day PPC Notice Eliminated July 2013
Verified Requested Rules Modified July 2013
Morning, Evening, All-Day Newspaper Designations Eliminated March 2013
Five-Day Average to be Eliminated March 2013
AAM Reports May Include Nonpaid Circulation March 2013
Access Requirement for Verified Digital Editions Modified to Once Every 30 Days July 2012
15 Percent Allowance for Verified Home Delivery Expanded to Include Requested Criteria July 2012
Alternate Labels for Nonreplica Digital Editions Approved July 2012
Audit Reports to Reflect Only One Predominant Town per ZIP Code July 2012
Branded Editions with Verified Circulations May Take Advantage of Omitted Days July 2012
Audit Statement Expanded March 2012
Digital Editions – Alternate Labeling Options Endorsed March 2012
Verified Subscription Standards – Digital Editions March 2012