Steps Before the Initial Audit

Step 1: Once you have filed your application with AAM and submitted your initial deposit, your Client Solutions manager confirms that AAM has received both items. Your Client Solutions manager is also your contact for signing up for additional AAM services.

Step 2: Our accounting department credits your new AAM account with your initial audit deposit.  As a reminder, the deposit is not an application fee, but rather an estimate of the actual cost of conducting the initial audit. Accounting can also answer questions about your account balance, charge or credit transactions, invoices and anticipated charges.

Step 3: A copy of your application is forwarded to your Client Solutions manager. Your Client Solutions manager can also assist with day-to-day inquiries about AAM rules, guidelines and reports.

Step 4: Your Client Solutions manager sends a letter regarding the publicity rules governing your application status, reviews your application and contacts you to discuss:

  • Your distribution practices and quantity of circulation distributed.
  • The qualification requirements for your circulation types.
  • How your various types of circulation would be classified on the AAM initial audit based on your current practices.
  • For magazines: determine whether you use in-house or a third-party fulfillment operation.
  • For magazines:  identify single-copy distribution provider (if applicable).
  • The types of documentation you will need to maintain for the audit.
  • The time period you would like covered in the initial audit.
    • What issues/time periods are to be audited for your first audit? (Cover dates)
      • For magazines, it must be no less than two issues (unless you are an annual or bi-annual publication); Must cover a period of no less than three months
      • For newspapers, it must be during a 6 month period (these periods always end on a quarter)
  • The Client Solutions manager passes information about your distribution practices to your audit manager, who  will develop an audit plan for your publication and assign an auditor to begin the audit.
  • The auditor contacts you to discuss audit preparation, including prepared documentation, audit process and the timing of the audit.  The timing of when the auditor contacts you depends on the initial audit period you select. The type of documentation you need to prepare (or ensure your fulfillment operation prepares) depends on the type(s) of circulation you distribute.