Initial Audit Terms and Steps

There are many documents AAM produces and releases. Below, is a list and descriptions of a few key documents you will need to be familiar with as you begin the AAM application and membership process.

Initial audit is the first audit completed and released by AAM for a new member. The information contained in the initial audit report has been audited but looks similar to a publisher’s statement.

A publisher’s statement contains circulation claims made by a publication and filed with AAM. Magazines must file statements twice a year for the six month periods ending June 30 and Dec. 31. Newspapers file statements for the six months ending March 31 and Sept. 30. - AAM releases the publisher’s statement, but the content is not audited.

Bylaws and rules are the policies and guidelines governing AAM and its members. The AAM board of directors approves modifications to the bylaws and rules.

Audit QuickLink  streamlines the audit process by letting publishers submit audit documents and forms digitally before the audit.

Audit report is the official document issued by AAM detailing its findings as the result of the audit of the claims on the publisher’s statement. Audits are typically released annually.


For Periodicals Only:

The analyzed issue is a single issue in the initial audit period, chosen by the publication, to be analyzed and disclosed in detail in the initial audit report. The issue chosen should represent average circulation for the period covered by the initial audit. Subsequently, an analyzed issue must also be selected and disclosed in each publisher’s statement and audit report.