Completing Your Initial Audit

Initial Audit Report Release

When the audit is complete it goes through our quality control process. A proof copy will be emailed to the person at your company listed as the primary AAM contact. This person is responsible for proofreading the final draft to confirm that it is acceptable or note any necessary changes to AAM.  

After the member approves the final draft of the audit report, AAM releases the final document to the marketplace via the Media Intelligence Center. Any print copies you order are shipped within seven business days.


With the release of your initial audit report, the application process is complete and your AAM membership is official. Once your membership is official:

  • You will receive a certificate of membership from the AAM president. 
  • A copy of your initial audit report is posted in AAM's Media Intelligence Center for advertiser and advertising agency members to access.
  • You may begin using the AAM logo and small space ads to promote your membership. As a reminder, you must comply with all AAM publicity rules and policies when publicizing any data from your initial audit report.
  • You will gain access to all publisher’s statements and audit reports in the Media Intelligence Center.

Access to the Media Intelligence Center

Access to the Media Intelligence Center is a unique member benefit. It provides access to a wide range of customizable AAM data and reports for members. You need a user name and password to access the Media Intelligence Center. Upon the release of your audit report, you will receive a letter from our Client Solutions department with information about your membership, as well as your user name and password to access the Media Intelligence Center.


Upon submitting your application for AAM membership, you will be quoted an estimate determined by our Client Solutions/auditing department for the fees needed for completion of your initial audit. This deposit must be paid in full prior to the beginning of any audit work. 

As the auditors conduct your initial audit, they will charge your account based off of a percentage of completion. Once your audit has been completed it will go through a review process by our RPID department before the audit report is released to market. 

Once AAM officially releases the initial audit into the marketplace, our accounting department reconciles the account and determines if the initial deposit you submitted with your application was sufficient to cover the actual audit costs and expenses incurred.

  • If the initial deposit was sufficient, the excess/rebate invoice will note that it is a "credit memo" and show a credit balance.
  • If the initial deposit was not sufficient, the excess/rebate invoice will show a balance due for the additional cost (above the original estimate) that was necessary to complete and release your initial audit. Timely payment of this invoice is expected. If you have questions about audit costs, you may contact your audit manager to discuss.

After the initial audit is released it is possible that we will need to issue a "catch up" invoice for missed advance audit costs for your subsequent audit.  While you are undergoing your initial audit we cannot issue membership dues invoices which include advance audit costs for your next audit; until your membership has been fully accepted.  Thus, you may be in arrears for future audits that we need to have monies on account per the AAM rules and bylaws.

In addition to the  excess/rebate invoice as well as the "catch up" invoice, you will also begin receiving invoices for your membership. There are multiple elements in these dues invoices:

1.   Access Fee:
This consists of the cost to maintain membership in AAM (membership dues) and the fee to access the Media Intelligence Center to download and reproduce AAM member’s publisher’s statements and audit reports. The access fees are based on your most recently reported circulation size.

2.   Advanced Audit Costs:
Just like your initial audit deposit, these are based off an estimate of how much the next audit will cost for us to complete and release.

Typically dues invoices are generated quarterly however, due to audit plan or personal election these invoices may be issued monthly, semi-annually or annually.